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Scottish Premiership Strips 20/21

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If supporters of each club will kindly post images of your new strips in this thread, I will edit this post and add them in, so that they're all in one place. St. Mirren's to be released tomorrow, 12 June 2020. 😄 
















St. Mirren



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2 hours ago, Sinner-to-Saint said:

Those are two very smart tops! I actually think Motherwell's away top is one of the most stylish football shirts I have ever seen, though it benefits substantially from not having a sponsor.

It’s an excellent top but unfortunately it sounds from the press release like it’ll have a sponsor by the  time it’s put on sale. 

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Killie top isn't great. Maybe would look a bit better without the blob.


The Motherwell away one is a thing of beauty. Don't know why but their colours seem to look brilliant when used against other random colours. Not generally a fan of claret and amber - often I like the design of Motherwell home tops but the colours let it down, complete opposite when used as second/tertiary colours for some reason. They've had some belters for away tops over the years.



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1 hour ago, dezz said:

It’s an excellent top but unfortunately it sounds from the press release like it’ll have a sponsor by the  time it’s put on sale. 

That's a real shame. Paddy Power haven't renewed their sponsorship deal, then! 

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1 minute ago, Lyle Lanley said:

Motherwell have had the best shirts in Scotland in the past few years. 

Aye. If I wasn't interested in the fitbaw, there'd be a good chance I'd buy the away one just for wearing out and about. I'd probably wait until it was reduced, though. 


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25 minutes ago, pozbaird said:

Agree. Don’t know what shade of blue that is, but it’s different and smart as anything.

The official blurb has us paying homage to our original colours:


Manufactured by Macron, we’re paying homage to our original colours when we played our first game in 1886.

Our club was formed through the merger of two local clubs, Glencairn and Alpha, on 17 May 1886. Our first match as Motherwell FC came six days later against Hamilton Academical, resulting in a 3-2 victory.

The blue kit was worn that day and the colours would be used predominantly from then until 1913, with some variants along the way, before we adopted our claret and amber.


In terms of the shade I'd guess it'll be pretty similar to the 13/14 3rd kit.


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