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Fall Guys


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Love this game but very frustrating. Agree with others, the slime mountain one is solid. 0 wins so far but have come close on a couple of occasions.

If anyone watches on Twitch, give Bateson a watch. The guy has won around 150 times - brilliant at the game.

Also, how frustrating is it being in the yellow team? At times they have been brilliant but 7/10, you will be defeated. Stuck with the dregs. 

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Aye I'm still stuck on 3, also Twitch Stream (https://m.twitch.tv/grg27/profile)

I find Slime Climb to be solid, the first time I got past it I won the game, I think that motivated me more so. Apparantly they're doing a season 2 very soon so that's good I already feel like it's at the point where the sweaty players know what to do precisely on every level. 

Yellow team can do one.  I try calling them Golden to spur us on but no everyone are losers, they should be using the curse to motivate themselves but nah they just quit the game when they're on yellow... 

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Didn't even know this was a thing until my mate showed me it.

Made 1 final in the one night I played it. Final game was the one where you have to keep the tail.

Stole the tail, then lost it, within the final 3 seconds. Had a chance to steal it back but grabbed someone who got in the way instead.

Heartbroken. Never played it since.

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