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Football and the various royal events

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Out of respect for the great job she did in promoting tourism up here in Deeside yesterday, I would happily stand for a respectful minute's silence.
GSTK would not be a very good idea at any venue that isn't staunch - and even one of them seemed to struggle with some of their fans singing its predecessor last Thursday.

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3 hours ago, VincentGuerin said:

Maybe we could just decide football doesn't actually have to be the vehicle for all of the nation's demonstrations of emotion/respect/grief for everything that ever happens.




I'm all for minutes applause/silence for people connected with football, clubs or communities but heads of state, religious leaders and politicians etc can get to f**k. 

This 'grief by order of the state' is a pile of w**k, we all know that the minutes silence, assuming they have one at St Mirren v Celtic on Sunday will be desecrated, as it was at Tynecastle the other night, and it will be at lots of others over the weekend but, inevitably the spotlight will fall on Celtic and, probably the Merseyside clubs given their very vocal dissenters in the support for the monarchy and British ruling class establishment in general. 

I'm not saying it is right but, just me personally I will wait in the concourse while that pish is being played out, I wouldn't ruin a minutes silence for anyone but I won't be coming out to observe it either. 

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Agree completely with the sentiment that at football, a minute’s silence and black armbands should only be for someone connected to the clubs. So, if St Mirren v Celtic was their first game after John ‘Yogi’ Hughes had died, both teams and fans should have the armbands and silence at the game. If they had represented Scotland, then at Scotland’s first fixture following his passing, do similar.

End of. IMHO.

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There will be a national minutes silence held at 8pm on Sunday. 

How about rather than disrespting this single, poignant and available to all national moment of reflection, football just fucking well gets on with football rather than attempting it's own series of crass and myopic individual gestures?

I Have No Idea Shrug GIF

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3 hours ago, Hoose Rice said:

Whats worse?  The people that boo a silence or the ones that boo the booers or the ones that are simply saying boourns? 

What if the Sellik fans start the booing, the St Mirren fans then boo the Sellik booers, and within the Sellik support some are booing their own booers, but all the St Mirren fans hear is even louder booing. This results in the St Mirren fans booing back even more. Within the St Mirren support, there will be some who boo the folk in our own support who are booing the Sellik booers. Reason being, if the St Mirren fans all refrain from booing, on TV, it will be clearer that the booing of the silence is emanating only from the Sellik end. If we boo their booers, and our fans boo our own retaliatory booers (who, of course, are only really booing their booers), then on TV it just sounds like everyone is booing the silence.

I demand answers.

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