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Football and the various royal events

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3 minutes ago, tamthebam said:

Having watched Scottish football for a long time the question "surely clubs won't be stupid enough to..." just provokes the posting of this meme



3 minutes ago, logie skid boys said:


Both fair points.

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There is now to be a national minutes silence at 8pm on Sunday so there is absolutely no reason for having one at other times, unless an event choses to hold one. Players and officials wearing black armbands should suffice, if they chose to wear one. 

Right, problem solved. All games on. London clubs can go fukc themselves though.

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12 minutes ago, VincentGuerin said:

Maybe we could just decide football doesn't actually have to be the vehicle for all of the nation's demonstrations of emotion/respect/grief for everything that ever happens.


At first I agreed with you, then realised it would rob us of a man in a giant boiler costume observing a minutes solemn silence and I can’t get on board

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Pleasantly surprised by this tbh, expected them to drag the arse out of it by another week.

Monday 19th and that should be the end of this performative weep-fest, bar the exaggerated outrage at the disruption of the minutes' silences.


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1 minute ago, DrewDon said:

I very much doubt GSTK will be played at Easter Road on Saturday, but I am a bit of a coward so would probably wait and see how many people around me were booing before deciding whether to join in or not. 

I'm the same. Don't want to lead the booing thats for sure. 

Although planning on not entering the stand until after all the *nonsense* is finished. I stood with my face tripping me when they did Phillips minute silence and not willing to just stand there this time. 

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