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I'm up £40 odd this week, and you are from Airdrie.

I win on all counts. :)

on ignore you go.....

And? I won £50 at the weekend, £55 last night and £15 tonight.

You are a gothic Morton fan who wears nail polish, so this automatically makes your points invalid.

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£3 on five homes on Saturday returned £42.

£2 on Morton, Rotherham and Oldham last night returned £22.

Small stakes HT, HT/FT and FT doubles on St Johnstone and Dunfermline tonight gave me another £25 or so profit.

I've also had a few part-perms up (2 x three out of five aways on Saturday, and six out of eight last night).

In all, I'm up around £90 since Saturday and had it not been for late goals (covered in late goals thread) conceded by Cowdenbeath on Saturday and Bayern Munich on Sunday, I'd have been more than £200 to the good.

Why can't every week be like this? :D

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1 28/09/2007 4.05 Lingfield

(Win and Each Way) Rapide Plaisir

5/2 2 Places

1/4 Odds Won

2 28/09/2007 4.20 Ascot

(Win and Each Way) Bankable

5/2 4 Places

1/4 Odds Won

Best Odds applied, price updated to SP.

3 28/09/2007 4.55 Ascot

(Win and Each Way) Elopement

13/2 3 Places

1/5 Odds Won

Best Odds applied, price updated to SP.

4 28/09/2007 4.30 Haydock

(Win and Each Way) Best Prospect

6/5 3 Places

1/5 Odds Won


Bet Type No of Bets Unit Stake Stake To Win Returns

E/W Four-Folds 1 1.00 2.00 209.66

Lucky 15 15 0.50 7.50 267.40 316.14

Total Stake: 9.50 Total Returns: 525.80

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Fiver on Barcelona, Arsenal, Swansea and Watford returned 40 quid.

4 pound on Man U, Coventry, MK Dons and Dunfermline returns 33 quid.

If I'd had them all on the one line it woulda returned 600! (From a £9 stake) :bairn

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