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£10 on Gretna v Celtic to have 3 goals or more at about 1/2

£10 on Celtic/Chelsea/Arsenal treble returned £24 odd, took Aberdeen out at last minute as thought that was the dodgy one... all the others won by 1 goal and they hammered St Mirren 4-0 :lol:

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2 ealry kick offs to start the day

Arsenal 1.20

Feyenoord 1.75

good start

man city 8/13

newcastle evns

reading 4/6

celtic 1/6

pays out at just over 6/1

I've took Celtic to win on live betting at 1.83.
next bet

Lyon to beat Bordeaux @ 2.37

100% for today so far!

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Came second in the poker at the local casino last night, £870 for a night's work shal be getting spent on my trip to Amsterdam and Aberdeen's away game in Europe to Athletico Madrid :D

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£60 off a £2 line with Rosenborg, Besiktas, Dinamo Zagreb, Salzburg to win and Slavia Prague to nick a draw.

Nae bad, that pays for a wee night out on saturday :D

My first decent win in 2 months!!!

30 quid back off a 1 pound stake. I had:



MK Dons and in a stroke of genius, based on team news posted on this forum that Swindon were short of players tonight...

Cheltenham at a whopping 10/3!


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