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A few weeks ago I put a Champions League accumulator on, including Lyon to beat Rangers to cover me should Rangers lose - at least that's what I meant to do. I accidentally put Rangers to win!

Won 80 quid from £2 because I can't tick a wee box properly :lol: .

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My mate and I started a joint account a few weeks back after our success on Mcfadden 1-0 in Paris.

So we stuck 50 each into a willie hills online account £100 free bet as well. Celtic and Rangers both played on the Sunday and Celtic lost to Hibs. We had 100 on the double. Left us with the free 100 bet. We stuck that on a team (can't remember who but they were 8/15 and they won so we've built from there. We've since collected 300 each of profit out of the account and we still have bets on and some cash in the account.

Also on a personal note I had the following on over the weekend.

£30 on Rangers

£20 on Liverpool and Rangers

£30 on Arsenal, Man City and Carlisle.

Sunday I had £42.99 on Aberdeen and West ham. HAPPY DAYS

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I didn't expect us to put four past you before half-time but fortunately that was one i could check off quite quickly. :D

Not anymore! B)

Next time our players may have a manager they want to actually try a bit for. I did say 'may'. :lol:

Anyway, i spunked a sky diver on bloody Barnsley last night <_<

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Oh yeah! B)

£1 on:




West Brom

Returned £11.71


£5 on:



Hajduk Split


Returned £15.51

Nearly pays for my ticket to the Barcelona game, only got to pick up another £7 over the next few days and I'm sorted!

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£60 on Dalbeattie at 8/5 with Coral, who had withdrawn all online prices but were still offering it in their shops. Had it been two days later (i.e. after I'd been paid), it would have been £500 to win £800.

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