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  2. We’ve calmed down a bit this season, for better or worse. It’s probably a combination of not having enough quality going forward to score as freely as we did last season and McCabe realising that it’s a tough step up so adapting tactics slightly but we’re a lot more solid this season. That 4-3 game last season was possibly the last time he had a game changing naive moment actually. As others have said, I think he’s still a little bit away from getting a big job. I’m sure he’ll go onto have a very successful managerial career but it would be a bold move for a big club to appoint a 31 year old just now, even if he has done well so far. He’s had a fair amount of good press, and rightly so, but I can’t imagine too many fans of bigger clubs in Scotland would be delighted at appointing such a young manager who only had a decent if unspectacular playing career. It’s always tough knowing when the right time to move on is but he’s at a club where the support and board are fully behind him and he can get away with making mistakes and learning on the job, a bigger club wouldn’t be quite as forgiving.
  3. Was wondering how any of you got 10/10 for Monday until I realised I was doing Tuesday's. Monday - 8/10 Tuesday - http://quizoftheday.co.uk/2448 - 7/10
  4. Playoff 05/12 - Wan Paw! Making breakfast for Dad today are; Pfizer Premiership Relegation Playoff @Aubrey Maturin v @peasy23 You 2 SoBs have two questions today. Winner moves to main playoff. Loser is automatically relegated. Q1 - Fathers Day is celebrated in Thailand on 5th December. However, in what year was it first celebrated on this date? Pfizer Premiership Runners Up Playoff @Arch Stanton v @Salvo Montalbano I'm no his Father Playoff @Aubrey Maturin or @peasy23 v @scottsdad Milkmans Son Playoff @The Captain v @101 Main Question - In what year was Father's Day first celebrated in Catholic Europe? Answers to be served in bed no later than 07:45 Wednesday TT Good Luck
  5. Yeah I was hoping for a May 2024 date and then it would likely have a couple of delays and probably come out by May 2025. Still seems a long way away.
  6. A continuation of a management team entirely made up of players. The Calum Gallagher, Craig Watson and Cammy Ballantyne dream team, here we go.
  7. No UK rescue for 2026 Commonwealth Games after Gold Coast withdrawal | Commonwealth Games | The Guardian No UK rescue for 2026 Commonwealth Games after Gold Coast withdrawal The British government has told Commonwealth Games organisers that the UK will not step in to rescue the event again after the Gold Coast withdrew its bid for the 2026 event. Substantial UK government support allowed Birmingham to ride to the rescue of the 2022 Games after Durban was stripped of the event in 2017. However, multiple sources have told the Guardian that there is no financial appetite – or any preliminary planning in place – to allow another British city to intervene again. “For the good of the Games, it needs to go elsewhere,” one insider said. With Victoria also having pulled out of hosting the 2026 Games this year, and no obvious other candidates waiting in the wings, there are fears that the Commonwealth Games is facing a looming existential threat.
  8. FWIW, I'm not *against* the idea of *some* kind of fourth stand. I just think it's a luxury we can't afford, and won't be able to afford any time soon.
  9. Not really a fair comparison as the larger stands at SJP were built after the smaller one.
  10. Jermaine Jeans speaks of respect for referees but praises Man City players for their reaction to the disallowed goal (a reaction of surrounding and abusing the referee). This legitimises the behaviour and will probably lead to it happening at lower levels where referees are kids and don't have any protection. Jermaine Jeans is a c**t, and it's even worse being a hypocritical c**t than just someone like Colin w****r who has always openly despised referees. Whenever you see Rashford failing as a footballer it's worth remembering Lineker doubled down on calling him better than Mbappe a few years ago. Also these days sky subscriptions are basically a boomer tax, some laugh people are still paying it.
  11. It’s just that you’re over exaggerated dramatic comments don’t really match up with the reality and factual things like results on the park. If a Dundee fan was to slag him rotten and use that kind of language it would make sense In reality football is a results business and the job McIntyre done at Cove was pretty decent. The man you’ve got in charge right now was quite clearly the reason you got relegated - results show that
  12. Hopefully there's a big wedge of the fans first tickets available for us, guess we'll see on Wednesday. Cue 10,000 torn faced Scots on the telly in cat 1 seats, unable to afford bevvy
  13. Today
  14. He was offered a babies bottle to suck on, that’s what tipped him over the edge that night. I’m sure it started with him goving Bankies fans GIRUY when Morton took the lead. Kenny Brannigan deserves another mention here for offering some Bankies fans a square go during the Dublin protests and we can’t forger former Bankies keeper Garry Matthews trying to knock down a steward in the Boghead car park. Our early period in the juniors was full of this stuff too, very entertaining.
  15. Western Isles Council 'counting cost' of November's cyber attack - BBC News An islands council says it is still calculating the financial cost of a cyber attack last month. Western isles local authority, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, said it would need specialists' help to rebuild affected IT systems. The comhairle's website was taken down and its email service was disrupted. Chief executive Malcolm Burr said some data also remained "inaccessible" but denied it had been lost. Mr Burr told councillors at the comhairle's policy and resources committee: “We’re counting costs at the moment." He said the Scottish government might be asked if it could provide some technical assistance. Mr Burr told councillors there was an "important distinction" between data being lost and inaccessible. He said: “In terms of data recovery, that is ongoing work. "You hear terms being used like ‘lost’, but it is all there, and it is simply that we can’t access it.
  16. Nae such Christmas hassles for me. Off to Poland with Mrs SA to visit her family. As I speak no Polish and they speak no English I just bury myself into a book and let them get on with it. All I have to do is bring some chairs for setting the table. Turn up for meal. Eat the steak pie they make for me. Oh yeah, and dress up as Santa for the gift giving. I have flown a few times on Christmas Eve dressed up as Santa, loved it, reaction from people and kids is amazing.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I still can't believe that Shilton got out jumped by 5ft 4in Diego for the goal. If it wasn't against "them" it would be on a goalie blunder compilation I'd take a Stewart Kimmie cross into the net anytime against Argentina at a wet Hampden.
  19. Please can people start posting warnings if they are going to continue to share some of the harrowing videos of the last couple of pages.
  20. We discussed this on the Oh No No No podcast a few weeks back in the context of Ian Murray when the Ross County manager's job came up. Can't remember who it was that said it, but if Murray were to move on and we were looking for continuity at Raith, then Tam Courts would be right up there given he's worked with our ownership before at Kelty.
  21. I got dragged along to a Gers game (big team etc) and got Papac's autograph afterwards (it was just the way things were going at the time). He seemed like a good guy and despite being Bosnian seemed impressed by me knowing about two words in Macedonian
  22. To be fair, the guy was unconscious for a while. He came round in the dressing room.
  23. Division B round 11. redVtop wins by resignation against mackieboz.
  24. I know it’s not game footage but the graphics look incredible. I nearly spat my tea out at the girl twerking on the car
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