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  2. Millen was training by himself when I was at SP at 1.30pm, he had 2 coaches with him, neither of whom were Murray or Mickey. I don't see him playing for Rovers again.
  3. Birghitti rewarded for his commitment in making that shite bus journey?
  4. The German top flight is doing well In terms of appealing to fans despite lagging behind equivalent leagues in terms of on field star power. But that's nothing compared to second division .There are eight clubs in who are pulling bigger crowds than current Bundesliga 1 leader Bayer Leverkuesen Schalke are pulling in 60,000 + to watch a team that's struggling losing more games than it wins
  5. I'm actually amazed that having been a WS member since the start I've never heen contacted to see if I would be willing to up my monthly contribution. Hopefully with the changes someone with a bit of sales and marketing experience will address that. I'm pretty sure that with a bit of effort the monthly contributions could be increased dramatically.
  6. Aye of course I meant of the teams in the running to win leagues
  7. It always give me the fear when going into a game, all the opposition fans are expecting a pumping from us. That always leads to one thing with thistle. A complete and utter struggle that all outsiders don’t expect.
  8. Can imagine this being a poor away attendance tonight. Anyone making the journey? I'm sticking to the telly, few cans and some form of Asian grub into my grid. Someone above mentioned tonight being a free hit, still a lot of football to be played but I do think that is quite accurate. Our games against Dundee Utd, Raith and Thistle are free hits for the remainder of the season, anything a bonus. The games against the other six teams are where the points need to be made, and we can do it, we've beat them all apart from Ayr and Inverness, and in fairness we should have beat them both (Ayr at Somerset and Inverness at home when we hit the woodwork about 8 billion times).
  9. well well well that's me just got my breath back, i see scott burns a journalist i usually try to ignore lol saying this is a major statement of intent, it cant be viewed any other way. we're a club on the up, thanks to the fans who have turned up in droves and dug deep to support the fss and make sure fan ownership works. coyb, mrs J is breaking out the vino....
  10. He was. Think we tried to pay a fee in August and got told no.
  11. Everyone join so we can now raid Accies for Martin and Fulton.
  12. Larne v Glentoran tonight. Just the sort of game the Glens would win. Or lose 5-0.
  13. Stephen Craigen usually is the co- commentator pundit so you could be right.
  14. Dumbarton. 2. Stranraer. 1 East Fife. 2. Forfar. 0 Peterhead. 2. Elgin 1 Stenhousemuir. 1. Clyde. 1 Spartans. 1. Bonnyrigg 2
  15. Does this no call for a special emergency Falkirk Daft podcast
  16. Dan Cleary a Bosman? Can’t actually remember and can’t be bothered looking if I’m being totally honest.
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