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  1. Just popped in to say good luck with the run-in. It would be magnificent if you could win it. Awra best, etc.
  2. Paul McMullan, eh? There's a player in there somewhere - if you find him, you've made a good signing. I actually suspect he might be the type of player to improve as the weather gets better. If he plays for you like he played for us, I think we'll be quite happy. Nap to score against us, of course.
  3. Holding midfielders really are few and far between. I dunno if it's because every kid who comes throughout fancies themselves as a number 10, but they are hard to find. We have only had Goodwin playing the role for years now, and we were short whenever he moved to centre back.
  4. IIRC, there was definitely some consternation amongst our fans that he'd not signed for us, after looking promising in the trial (chances of finding anyone else who'd admit that, mind, are slim). Yet another talented waster ends up on the footballing scrapheap. Makes me sick when you think of the number of guys who have talent that most of us can only dream of having, who just haven't got the mentality to cut it. Especially when clubs like ours (especially Saints) see so many jobbing journeymen pulling on the shirt. Callum Ball was a great recent example for us. Genuinely talented, outstanding finisher, but a fat useless fucker. If you can't even get yourself in shape, then frankly you deserve to end up in the non-pro game at Corby Town.
  5. Harkins didn't get mentioned, sadly. His lack of tracking back means he's basically dead to me.
  6. Had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman very closely connected with DFC at the weekend. Lovely bloke, and we had a very long chat about our teams' relative recent (mis)fortunes, with particular focus on the McGinn bros and Gowser. Anyway, it's funny how, when you put aside the internet bullshit and WUMs, you meet genuinely good guys in real life and they help you realise that, outside the ugly sisters, most Scottish football fans have a huge amount in common. Good luck for the season.
  7. I liked this: Yes, no club in the world can rival being nearly three years old.
  8. Commiserations for Saturday. Winning goal must have been crushing. The worst thing that can happen is for your team to give you hope, then chuck it away - and your equaliser against ten men was, for me, reminiscent of the dead club going down to 9 men against us in the LC final in 2010. As soon as you dare to believe, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of heartache. It'll be no consolation whatsoever to have me, some twat on the internet, saying that it was a real achievement to reach the final, but it really was. Great performance. Bring on next season.
  9. Just seen your new strips for the first time. Very decent: I'm impressed. After our horror show this year, simple is definitely the way forward.
  10. Gowser was poor for us last season, too, and you guys seem happy with him (though I know he came on a free). McGinn is much younger and would have decent resale value. McGinn is a talented young lad playing in one of the worst teams the top flight has seen. He is still the same guy who bossed Wanyama at Hampden. I think he could get a game at Celtic still: maybe two years at Dees with his family would be the right stepping stone.
  11. Odds of you lot signing John McGinn this summer? I wouldn't turn that down if I was him (playing with two brothers would be great, and a hell of a story): I guess the only stumbling block might be the development fee.
  12. At least he's not signed for either half of the New Old Firm. This is hard enough to take as it is without him pitching up at Sevco.
  13. Fuxake. Genuinely gutted: thought he'd stop til the summer at least. Massive boost for Ross County and Motherwell. It's almost as if they've signed him too. If Aberdeen beat Celtic to the title and we still stay up, it'll take the edge off a little. Gutted though.
  14. I'll certainly be frothing if we beat you lot on Saturday.
  15. I reckon that gets funnier every time it gets written. Keep up the good work.
  16. In fairness, the majority of County fans predicted exactly what you've said, and so far it's come to pass. Thing is, as we all know, footballers sometimes just need to leave a club. I don't think we can be too smug re Arquin when 1) he hasn't scored yet and hasn't completed two games and 2) Gowser and Harkins seem to be faring so well at Dundee. One man's waster is another's star signing. Sometimes. It'll feel like a sore one if we start to pull away from you and he continues to do well, but he was clearly at the end of the road at Dingwall no matter which way you cut it.
  17. That's not always been the case since Arquin arrived with us
  18. Where's your post gone? You could just have amended the Partick spelling, you didn't need to throw your toys out altogether.
  19. It's fucking remarkable, isn't it? Best of all, I think he thinks he's owning the forum. Batting away all comers with his sparkling repartee. The irony is, he's almost single-handedly keeping the Let's All Laugh at Celtic Thread going, whilst giving us more reasons to laugh at Celtic.
  20. Such was the ferocity of Gall67's taunting, assorted world leaders are having a behind-closed-doors march next week to remember his victims.
  21. Owners always look like their dogs. Gowser's got a rat.
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