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  1. So, good signing for a team chasing promotion?
  2. Just need to refer back to their previous club to sort it ou... oh, fuckit.
  3. Exactly: our chairman is much more ambitious than that penny-pinching fud from down the river.
  4. Nah, it's fine: you could almost say there's a Great Feeling at St Mirren Park. Probably time to start a thread to that effect, tbh. They're always great.
  5. Nice summary, @djchapsticks - there's a lot of work still to be done, but at least we already have a starting XI of sorts, with hopefully more pace and quality to come in.
  6. That's a good read. I feel really sorry for Weatherson there - you can tell it really hurt/affected him. Imagine feeling like you've got to carry on playing for Morton just to prove doubters wrong: he must have been at a really low ebb.
  7. Is there any BBC radio coverage of said riot? No, wait, it was it so long ago that the BBC wasn't even a thing. Silly me.
  8. Is that a bit like claiming seaside league titles in your honours list? Just wondering.
  9. My post, of course, wasn't 100% serious itself, but, not being a simpleton, you'll have been well on top of that.
  10. Do you just wander round this forum white-knighting SimpleTON? I'm sure he appreciates the effort.
  11. Tbh, until this year, we've had several seasons of failing to turn up for any half, so it's not quite traditional yet.
  12. As long as he only turns up for the first half of the season, he'll fit right in.
  13. It's been too painful to even think about the playoffs until now. But now we've dodged them, I can safely wish you guys all the luck in the world. Would love to see the Legend bring Alloa back up. Raith are no mugs, sadly, despite how despondent their fans are, but I reckon you can do it.
  14. Was relieved this morning to see that despite the rumours, Prince Philip has not died yet. He's one of few folk still around who was actually alive when Morton last won a proper trophy. It'll be a shame when they've all passed on, TBH.
  15. Was Hardie injured? Mental that he'd not start against us.
  16. Did you miss the part the other day when VT was comparing - with pictures, but without irony - your ground to Barca's?
  17. Well, it's just one more thing that Morton have made a complete mesh out of.
  18. Well, we certainly didn't get relegated because he was our goalkeeper, but it certainly didn't help Edit: that's a bit harsh. He was awright. Not played much recently, mind.
  19. Yeah, I know, I was just joining in with the Columbo-ing. Kello would make perfect sense, and the chances of him having turned into a much younger, better keeper since he left us are nice and slim.
  20. This guy plays for the same team as Milos Lacny, and has previously played in Scotland (for a single game, as a trialist ). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ľuboš_Hajdúch I had wondered if maybe Lacny was working as an agent as well, but can't find any evidence of that. I'm bored at work, btw.
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