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  1. Exactly: we could keep hold of Ross, bring in Loy and Davis, and we'll be looking good for the top four. Or, Ross could get pinched, he'll hang onto Loy @ Dundee because he likes him, the new guy won't know Davis, and we'll be aiming squarely for mid-table with Jim Goodwin in charge. I think Baird would be a decent recruit for you, btw.
  2. Boss - you needed an 'owing to', not a 'due to', there, and an apostrophe on 'bosses'. This is exactly like my place of work.
  3. The code of conduct used to apply to local and regional press, but the nats always did whatever they want. Since the explosion of social media, all the rules I was taught have basically gone right out the window. Fact checking and consistency simply doesn't exist in the majority of stories.
  4. Your interest in Ross has brought all the Morten fans flooding back onto our threads. They'd been pretty quiet since we left them gaping at Cappielow in April. So thanks for that.
  5. You missed the obvious irony in my first post, then didn't understand the next one. I'm not here to explain subtlety to you. Now off you pop.
  6. If he takes the job, it'll be a real kick in the Balearics.
  7. Someone's been tweeting it as a new development, apparently.
  8. You're one of those guys who adds punchlines to jokes that don't need them, aren't you?
  9. I see what you've done there, you cheeky scamp. Now run along.
  10. I think he'd be ok, TBH. We'd just need to get over the mutual loathing first.
  11. He hilariously threw his own hat in the ring when Hartley was sacked, IIRC. Everything that certain Dees on here warned us about when he took over, came to pass. Specifically his inexplicable myopia over the midfield positions. I'm pretty sure he's got to be finished as a football manager. Still, he's a person SkyBet have heard of, so stick him on the list!
  12. I'm honestly going to need some evidence that 7th place 'smarts'. Here, I'll help you out, because you're clearly struggling: surely it's funnier, and more accurate, that we're upset over the possibility of losing the manager that guided us one of our worst ever positions? Surely only a truly diddy club would want to hang onto the guy that oversaw a 19th-place-in-Scotland finish, right? The fact is, we were happy with 7th, not 'filled with tears and snotters'. As always, it's you that's swinging and missing.
  13. Go and find me one single post on this thread where people are complaining about our finishing position. I'll wait here.
  14. No, he didn't. It's as much a 'fact' that we'll be playing in League One in 2018/19 as it was when people were saying it'd be happening in 2017/18.
  15. So it didn't need pointing out, and probably won't be 'funny'.
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