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  1. Any chance you could offer him a 'leap of faith' contract extension while he's still out injured? He's young enough that you can assume he'll come back from the injury ok, and he might appreciate the show of loyalty.
  2. Ventured into nosebleed territory here to join the Isma love-in. Delighted to see him back in Scotland at a decent club, and more importantly not playing against us. At least his fitness will improve as he runs away from the CSA, too. Lest we forget, he scored one and had an assist in the 2013 LC final. I really, really hope he does a job for you. Isma
  3. Edit: I'll admit I've been sitting on that because I was convinced one of our two loan strikers would join you. Thought it'd be Hardie, in fairness. Shankland will score goals for you. Great signing, IMO.
  4. Yip. It was x-rated stuff and I agree we look dead and buried. We're like a team that's 2-0 down with five to go (we are usually exactly like that, TBF) and we're just shooting from fucking anywhere. We tried to get a full back but it fell through. Not heard anything about a CH. We're just throwing shit around and hoping some of sticks, TBH.
  5. I reckon you've got this football hingmy cracked. Someone get me Jack Ross on the phone.
  6. Really? 29 goals in 60 games at this level from 2013 to 2015. He should at least be on your radar. As it happens, I agree on your other point. I'd imagine you'd rather have a crack at a playoff and possibly some TV coverage than join us. Current theory is that the Mallan to Dundee move could be on, and this could be part of it.
  7. Odd thing to write given how many posts you rack up in our threads. You were posting about us at 3.30am the other day
  8. See St Mirren thread. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Hardie find his way to Cappielow. And I bet he does a much better job for you than he has done for us.
  9. Impossible: surely, after the first hug, they were no longer a stranger. [emoji6] As I would say to any team that has previously been pretty impotent, congratulations on the semi. It's a great achievement. Not that you'd know it, from the state of this thread.
  10. We once signed Alan Gow outside the transfer window. He's without a club currently. Just saying.
  11. Congrats on the win last night. I'm just going to check in here periodically to check you all still love Jim Goodwin. Hope that's cool.
  12. Those Falkirk hammer throwers will snap that guy in two and wreck his confidence, like they did with McMullan. Then they'll refuse to believe their team is anything but bullied by everyone else for the rest of the season.
  13. Yes, that was the fella. IIRC (but given I couldn't remember his name, that's admittedly in doubt) he trialled for us then signed for Morton. Quick wiki glance says he's only managed four senior appearances since leaving the Ton. What a waster! Fake edit: Gus was impressed, apparently. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/st-mirren-take-former-arsenal-984686#Otk52UIRCRM3TqbF.97
  14. You guys got your revenge (of sorts) with that centre half, though whose name I have forgotten. I want to say Dom somebody. Fucking hell, creeping senility. I think he turned out shite, but plenty fans were pissed off he signed for you.
  15. Ah, the Neil Lennon approach: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-captain-jim-goodwin-1806164#vx5jiEhGWQ2H22Dg.97
  16. The seethe from County fans must have been glorious to behold. They already fucking hate Goodwin for a couple of historical non-incidents that caused Derek Adams to go apoplectic.
  17. The rules do seem to be unequivocally clear on that front: http://spfl.co.uk/docs/067_324__therulesofthespfl_1375800603.pdf
  18. Website looks nice and clean. Good job. State of that league table, though Fucking diddies.
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