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  1. Douglas McNeil is genuinely in the know, tbf. But still, I won't believe anything until we see official statements. Either way, there's gonna be some amount of posts getting quoted on this thread tomorrow
  2. Div fucking loves a charity bet, mind. Missed having to wear a Ten shirt by the skin of his teeth. You'd think he'd learn.
  3. Terrible news. Life was better when we had Tommy Craig in charge and there was zero chance of him getting poached. Dundee wouldn't make an official approach if he wasn't up for it. Ah well. People suggesting the Legend is the next natural fit for the job. I'm not sure he's got enough experience yet.
  4. Too rattled for words, tbh. What trajectory are we on? That's probably the main issue here. You've missed the point about Morton fans flocking to our thread at the merest hint of bad news to make raging c***s of themselves again. Otherwise, that's a very fair summary.
  5. Morton fans using another club's size vs us, to score points, is the height of fucking diddyness. Might have known you'd be on hand to join in.
  6. Forget the 4-1 game! Forget the 17-year unbeaten run! Forget the fact you've not been in the top flight for three decades! Forget the fact you've not won a trophy since the BBC was created! Dundee are bigger than St Mirren. That's the real quiz.
  7. That's all reasonable. He, however, was mainly wittering about trajectories.
  8. It's all got a little bit out of control given how little is actually known yet. Dundee are a bigger club than us and in a better position right now. Any buyout amount will be nominal, because these things always are. I get the impression Gordon Scott could be a fucker to deal with, mind, so there is a chance he'll tell you to piss off. Having said that, we are very firmly after Loy so it wouldn't surprise me if that played a part. It's not a fair swap, but I'd rather come out of this with a new striker than with f'kall.
  9. In other news, Hearts fans claiming we're signing Gavin Reilly this week, which fits murmurs coming from the club about a confirmed new signing this week. Not sure how I feel about that: he hardly set the division alight last season.
  10. ^^^ Still not rattled. The evidence is there for us all to see. He's perfectly calm. This is going well.
  11. Trying so hard, bless you. Our form in the latter third of the season really has you rattled, doesn't it?
  12. Fair enough, I totally agree with you: trajectories are the important thing in football, not trophies, or time spent in the top flight. On an unrelated note, here's a picture of 95-year-old Prince Philip, taken in the same year Morton last won a proper trophy.
  13. Well, we can't all be up-and-coming, well-run, ambitious, successful, trophy-laden and financially sound clubs like Morton, can we?
  14. Aye, 'fan by default' sounds like he fucking loves you, right enough.
  15. I didn't even know it was you I was quoting - wasn't talking about your post specifically. I think it's been mentioned a few times by different people, and I was simply making a throwaway remark that his love of the Dees seems to be growing. Don't take me too seriously: I don't
  16. I wasn't disbelieving you really, it was just it's gone from 'he liked them as a boy' to being a 'massive fan'. Happy to take you at your word on that. I'm sure he's bustin at the chance to get sacked by his boyhood heroes in two years' time
  17. His love of Dundee seems to be growing all the time. I've literally never heard it mentioned before. As for him being pissed off if he can't leave, I think that's bullshit. He's just managed to talk an apparently disconsolate Stevie Mallan around after his move fell through in January, and coached him to producing the best form of his career in order to get the move to Barnsley he craved. If we block Dundee's way, Jack will apply himself and get a move to an even bigger club at the end of next season.
  18. We're clutching at straws and speculating. The f**k do you want from us? I have waves of being convinced he'll go, then I'll read someone being confident he'll stay and I'm calm again. Fact is, nobody knows anything until he confirms he's going or staying. It's never simple being a fan of a diddy club though, is it? We spend years having undesirable managers and complaining, then as soon as we get a decent one, the 'he'll get poached' paranoia sets in. Shit all round!
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