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  1. Trying so hard, bless you. Our form in the latter third of the season really has you rattled, doesn't it?
  2. Fair enough, I totally agree with you: trajectories are the important thing in football, not trophies, or time spent in the top flight. On an unrelated note, here's a picture of 95-year-old Prince Philip, taken in the same year Morton last won a proper trophy.
  3. Well, we can't all be up-and-coming, well-run, ambitious, successful, trophy-laden and financially sound clubs like Morton, can we?
  4. Aye, 'fan by default' sounds like he fucking loves you, right enough.
  5. I didn't even know it was you I was quoting - wasn't talking about your post specifically. I think it's been mentioned a few times by different people, and I was simply making a throwaway remark that his love of the Dees seems to be growing. Don't take me too seriously: I don't
  6. I wasn't disbelieving you really, it was just it's gone from 'he liked them as a boy' to being a 'massive fan'. Happy to take you at your word on that. I'm sure he's bustin at the chance to get sacked by his boyhood heroes in two years' time
  7. His love of Dundee seems to be growing all the time. I've literally never heard it mentioned before. As for him being pissed off if he can't leave, I think that's bullshit. He's just managed to talk an apparently disconsolate Stevie Mallan around after his move fell through in January, and coached him to producing the best form of his career in order to get the move to Barnsley he craved. If we block Dundee's way, Jack will apply himself and get a move to an even bigger club at the end of next season.
  8. We're clutching at straws and speculating. The f**k do you want from us? I have waves of being convinced he'll go, then I'll read someone being confident he'll stay and I'm calm again. Fact is, nobody knows anything until he confirms he's going or staying. It's never simple being a fan of a diddy club though, is it? We spend years having undesirable managers and complaining, then as soon as we get a decent one, the 'he'll get poached' paranoia sets in. Shit all round!
  9. Riiiight, it's all becoming clear now. Did Morton do something to upset Div 15 years ago? Because there's hardly any folk at their games now. I guess you need to watch your step.
  10. That's actually a reasonable summary I would be devastated if he went, especially as season tickets are flying out on the promise of a Jack Ross-led season. But if he goes, we'll move on and find a replacement. That's just football. Blackandwhitearmy will be unbearable for a few weeks, but it's not great at the best of times.
  11. Shite analogy, but sometimes people like to build the Lego model themselves, rather than just play with the assembled set. There's no question most of us are posting out of hope and blind faith here, but I think we're clinging on to the idea that he has created a real bond between the supporters and the club here. Of course he might do that at Dundee as well, or he might guide you to a couple of 8th-placed finishes, get binned, and never get the 'big' move he craves. I'm not having a go at Dundee here, becasue we have killed off more managers' careers than probably any other club, but Paul Hartley was basically Jack Ross a few seasons ago. Tipped for big things. He did amazing things for you, but probably stayed too long and now doesn't seem to be getting linked with anything. Rewind, say, two years, you could well have seen PH being linked with a vacant job at Aberdeen, for example. Of course, and I'm talking round in circles here, perhaps JR's ambition is such that that would never happen. Perhaps he'd use Dundee's decent budget to achieve quickly in a short space of time, and then move on just as you've started to love him... (I know Hartley hates us, but I'd take him at SMP if it came down to it... )
  12. Someone on B&W saying Dundee have made an approach, and that JR has a very low buyout clause. I'll be gutted if he goes, but that's football, and he's already earned a go at the top flight, IMO. Our chairman has a 100% record for appointing amazing managers, so I trust him to do it again should the need arise.
  13. For someone not arsed, you appeared on this thread pretty quickly after the rumours started. But thanks for the reality check. This place was really fucking surreal before you stepped in.
  14. He saved us from relegation and guided us to a higher finish than Jack Ross managed. You should give Rae another go.
  15. Can't imagine what Jack Ross has done to leave Morton fans quite so rattled. Wait... I remember now.
  16. I'm sure Ross would jump at the chance to become the next Paul Hartley. I firmly believe he'll stay to have at least one stab at promotion from this league. We've got a young, talented squad and budget to use to bring in more players. My biggest concern is that we might struggle to sign Loy after Ross has told Dundee to f**k off.
  17. He's written 'this love will last forever' in blood. Actually, not sure. I think it's to the end of next season. Hasn't extended, but hopefully will.
  18. I dunno, he genuinely did ok at a decent Dundee side for a season or two. IIRC, didn't we sign him when we thought McGowan was leaving? He then didn't leave and Danny couldn't work out how to play them both*. You'd pick Gowser 100% of the time over Harkins, so he didn't get a sniff. Obviously I hope he's fucking gash for Morton, but there's still a player in there somewhere. * Hartley later proved it was possible.
  19. Absolute joke signing, if it's true. Nowhere near good enough for Morton. And that's not a loaded comment. Plus, I've heard, he once lost his man at a corner, so there's that to watch out for, too.
  20. I think that's fair, but it does feel like we're building a squad at the moment. The signings this week should complement and hopefully compete with the guaranteed starters we already have. I'll be disappointed if we don't add some real proven quality still. Rory Loy and Stelios would be ideal, plus maybe one or two surprises.
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