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  1. Though the game itself may be no big deal I do feel the occasion, the anniversary is a massive thing. We don't tend to celebrate history very well in regards to football, indeed there's very little sense of the history of the game. Too much fixation on the SPFL / Premiership etc. The fact that all international football flows from that game in Glasgow in 1873 is mind-blowing. FIFA really should be getting behind this and flying over all the true greats of international football that are still alive to parade before the game to tell the world that Scotland gave international football to the world. 'Birthday Caird Pish' it may be, but when you consider how many people throughout the globe will, for good or ill, be touched by international football over the next few weeks I think that's something our wee country should be proud of.
  2. They are young... they know not of the ways of old. It certainly was the biggest match in the Scottish football calendar when I was growing up but id say the 1977 Wembley game was the last time that was true.
  3. Scottish plain bread....toasted under a gas grill. Beans, heat them as you like, or indeed cold.
  4. Routine win I suspect. I certainly hope so. Motherwell will try but Baby Jock's got Celtic purring very nicely on all cylinders, certainly on the home front. Motherwell 0, Celtic 5. Scorers ? Who cares. Willie Wallace ? Tommy Callaghan ? Vic Davidson ? Some new guy ? Either way it's C E L T I C Celtic, Celtic on the ball. !!
  5. A near perfect illustration of the workings of Postegoclu's mind on European nights.
  6. Early Syd era Pink Floyd way more interesting a topic than anything Scottish football can throw up !
  7. Imagine the media shit storm if Robbie Neilson (or indeed any other manager in Scotland other than Van Bronkhorst)had said the same thing substituting 'Celtic away' for 'Hearts away'. Through intense pressure from papers and broadcasters Neilson would have been hauled before the SFA for bringing the game into disrepute. However, the establishment club and their rude, classless and , in Europe, utterly inept manager, are free to spread their bile, poison and paranoia throughout Scottish football and Scottish society unfettered.
  8. Well, he's far and away the best manager in Scotland so he more than deserves the spotlight.
  9. Holy Cow !! I think I've been trolled by a 'HughKeevinsalike'. More fool me but it just seemed so believable, so logical . And of course it's not as if Hugh Keevins has any kind of track record of telling lies about the Old Firm. A thousand aplogies. Oh well, European humiliation again for Celtic next season then. Could have been so different. Neil at Lennoxtown in the week of Bayern coming to Celtic Park, cracking open a case of Magners and belting out a verse or two of 'The Merry Ploughboy' while organising the bus and how to park it. Never mind, we can but dream.
  10. Big Ange to do what Big Ange does best....dishing out meaningless scuddings to teams with a fraction of the resources at his disposal. He Never Stops.
  11. You'll need a new manager for that. And it may well be happening. According to Hugh Keevins, "talks between Neil Lennon and the Celtic board are 'at an advanced stage' for the ex-Parkhead favourite to return in a 'European Consultancy' role, which will in effect have Lennon taking charge of the team in European competition freeing up Postegoclu to focus 'laser like' on securing a domestic double treble."
  12. My head's in a spin trying to keep up with the 'Celtic family's' take on Mr Lennon. Use to be that the mildest bit of criticism of Neil would lead you to be accused of being a hysterical anti-Catholic bigot who had such a problem with Irish people that you'd throw your daughter down the stairs (providing you didn't live in a bungalow) if she brought home someone called Seamus. Now if you try and send a little compliment or two Mr Lennon's way you're a 'moonhowler'. Come on bhoys , a wee bit of consistency please.
  13. Why would I try to troll the terminally humourless that constitutes your average Old Firm supporter ? I'm merely pointing out the blindingly obvious about the Celtic manager and, in a spirit of genuine concern, putting forward one, albeit radical, solution. If you lack the decency to accept my offer of help with the respect in which it was offered to you then I can but apologise. However, if you think Postegoclu can lead Celtic anywhere other then down the plughole of European irrelevancy then, parhaps, you should take a step back and learn a bit about football !!
  14. The conundrum that confronts the Celtic board going forward is that they now have two managers. There's Ange Postegoclu - Big Ange, Inventor of 'Ange Ball', slayer of 'the 10', serial trophy winner, undisputed master of Scottish football - and then there's Ange Postegoclu - inflexible rabbit caught in the European headlights, unable or unwilling to change tactics against continental opposition, serial loser in Europe, the undisputed donkey of European football. So which one do they stick with. ? It's a toughy alright. There is, as someone pointed out, a treble to be won, a feat that would reverberate around the football world and which Ange Postegoclu, with his trusty Angeball will surely deliver. However that means the doppleganger of disaster called Ange Postegoclu would also stick around to lead the 'bhoys' ever further into the European wilderness. Maybe the answer is to retain Angeball for domestic duties, but replace Ange Postegoclu for European competition with a personality more suited, more seasoned, more successful , in the specific demands of the European stage. Step forward Celtic's new 'European Nights' manager - Mr Neil Lennon !!!
  15. Of course it was. You've a manager who seems incapable, over the course of two seasons, of adapting his team to European football. We all had a jolly good giggle at Van Bronkhorst but his European record while manager of Rangers is better than Postegoclu at Celtic.
  16. Oh come on now, you really think you should be getting rid of big Ange. ?? After all he did in stopping 'the 2".
  17. That was only when the cup winners had also won the league so went into the Champions Cup. As was the case in 1971 when Celtic won the double and Rangers as beaten cup finalists went in the CWC, which they won.
  18. I support or want to support a decent, healthy, competitive Scottish football set-up but due to the existence of two vile institutions who have peddled religious division and secterian tribalism as a business model for a century that doesn't seem possible. And it's not a grudge against Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. It's just that they are two football clubs who thrive on a fanbase of bigots. I happen to find that repulsive. Sorry if that bores you. But I certainly won't take orders from a Celtic or Rangers fan. Give me some credit. !!
  19. I wouldn't say he was that wonderful. Gordon always too eager to scramble on the 'Celtic/Rangers reaching the group stages of the CL is great for Scottish football' bandwagon of utter shite for my liking.
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