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  1. Good man. It should be incumbent on all managers of the non-sectarian clubs to highlight the financial disparity whenever they play the Old Firm, regardless of the result. We know that Sportsound, Clyde, the papers are only interested in financial fairplay when the bigots get horsed in Europe and won't mention it in a domestic contex. But it needs bringing up constantly in order to correctly deligitimise any so called Celtic or Rangers 'acheivement'. On this topic the rest of us should 'never stop !!'
  2. You're 'memes' , if that's what they're called, need to be less opaque for simpletons like myself . Not just me but our good friend Lionsof67 thought you were dissing Mr Lennon with the use of the eyebrow raising Gif (parhaps that's what they're called). Anyway there is plenty I might take issue with regarding Neil Lennon but not his record as a Celtic manager in Europe. He certainly didn't display the naivety of the current incumbent who through either stubbornness or stupidity seems to think that what works so effortlessly for Celtic in Scotland will do the same for them in Europe despite an ever increasing body of evidence to the contrary .
  3. To suggest that in the season that a Celtic manager gets them into the knock out stages of the Champions League he cannot (for that season alone - not in perpetuity) be classed as a Champions League level manager is the kind of nonsense that a rabid anti-Celtic zealot like myself might come up with. That such a devout keeper of the scrolls of Celtic faith as Jinky 67 is the one to espouse such defamation stuns me, shocks me, leaves me questioning the very foundations of all I hold true. Jinky is a heretic (with the emphasis on 'tic'). Roll Over Brother Walfrid and Tell Willie Maley The News. !!!
  4. Regardless of how they turned out when time and the changing power structure of European football caught up with them, in the seasons that Strachan & Lennon got Celtic out of the CL group stages they merited being classed a Champions League level manager. How they turned out is not the point here. Celtic, for example were a Champions League level side in those years, they clearly are not now.
  5. At the time when he took Celtic out of the group stages, of course he was. For whatever season that was. The boy done good , as they say on the streets of Linlithgow.
  6. So you'd have to say if you're being generous that Gordon Strachan and Neil Lennon fulfilled that criteria and, if only for a short period, were of Champions League standard. Parhaps there is an argument for Martin but not sure of any other Celtic manager in the CL era.
  7. Aye, whatever. The fact that the opposition are generally of a higher standard means less time for strikers to convert, obviously. As the Celtic forwards are not Champions League standard they invariably fail to convert chances they routinely score in the domestic game. TBF, It may be a mental thing but as Postegoclu is not a Champions League standard coach/manager he is unable to do anything about it. Can't be helped. Nobody's fault. It's just the way things are and always will be; for as long as Glasgow Celtic play in Scottish football they will be unable to attract the players or coach of the standard required.
  8. Celtic ' being poor in front of goal' is a direct result of the fact that 'the players fundamentally weren't good enough' for the Champions League. And, as the table tells us, Celtic were NOT competitive at all.. Liz Truss levels of denial , mate !
  9. There's a 'hardcore of posters' , to coin a phrase, who understandably are desperate for Scotland to have a 'marquee world class' player in the team. I'd love it too but the reality is we haven't had one of those since Dalglish, and he didn't always turn it on for Scotland. We look at other similar or smaller, sized countries over the years and wish we could, just once, produce a Roy Keane, a Bale, a Haaland...After all football's a bigger deal to us than it is to the Irish, to the Welsh or to the Norwegians..... can't we please have a game changing superstar of our own ?? I think that's behind the overinflating of our very good players, which has reached a peak with the Billy Gilmour hysteria.
  10. Celtic to win, Celtic fans to cry about the pitch, the match officials, VAR, the reformation, the lack of an 25 ft statue of Sir Robert Kelly in George Square, the lens cap not being removed from the TV camera at the 1957 League Cup final , not being allowed to have a kick about in Dam Square, the term 'Old Firm' , and many, many more perfectly reasonable gripes. Good auld Celts !!!
  11. They always do this in a desperate attempt to inject some sort of meaning into the utterly meaningless.
  12. Aberdeen beat Celtic three times in Glasgow in 1970. Twice in the league at Parkhead, April & December, and the Cup Final.
  13. In the Dutch version of P&B (feebo & herring) the 'Famous Feyenoord' thread has also, in an utterly glorious coincidence, reached page 1970. . ."first time in Milan, first time at the San Siro, and Israel held aloft the cup at the end of it''....and in Aberdeen & Rotterdam the cry goes out...."Jimmy McGrory, Patsy Gallagher, Jinky 67, The mainstream Scottish football media, Bertie Auld, the forces of religiously segregated education, Sean & John Fallon, your boys took a helluva beating...."
  14. Nostalgia for a broth yet to come ?
  15. Of course, as all who own Chemist shops will know the Durex traveling salesman was known as 'the Johnny Rep' until about 1993.
  16. Featuring everblue classics, 'John Knox Three Times On The Ceiling If You Want Me', 'Talkin' About A Reformation' , 'I Love The Sound of Pastor Jack Glass' & many, many more. Tickets only £16.90 in advance. !
  17. Celtic...I was quite the glory hunter as a youngster.
  18. A litter of Aberdeen fans ?? In 1970 I saw Aberdeen beat Celtic twice in Glasgow. All Mr R H Davidson's fault apparently but at least Celtic were on the wrong end of the result when the bleating started, which is fair enough.
  19. Scottish football so utterly fucking tedious and predictable even I can correctly forecast results....
  20. Are their LPs as good as Marquee Moon by Television ? Stranded by Roxy Music ? Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely ? Revolver by The Beatles ? Get Happy by Elvis Costello & The Attractions ? If not I don't really have time. Experience has told me that Scottish pop music is like Scottish football. Not in the same class as that from elsewhere. But good luck to him, he certainly doesn't need my endorsement any more than Lewis Capaldi does.
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