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  1. No, I think its the Arsenal manager (Bertie Mee ?) who is thinking that. Best get yourself to Newcastle young Kieran....and only a couple of hours Gallowgate to Gallowgate...
  2. Who's this 'they' that 'cannot wait to see the back of him' ? That statement seems to me to be testament to the fact that secterian paranoia is like mother's milk to a certain breed of Celtic followers. Let me tell you one thing. If there is anyone out to 'get' Celtic or Rangers it's certainly not the Scottish football media whose slavish devotion to our tedious duopoly disgusts just about everyone in Scotland .
  3. I always thought his version of 'More Than A Woman' superior to the Bee Gees original to cut him some slack.
  4. Livingston is a 'new town' and thus not allowed a senior football club. It's the one form of discrimination still deemed acceptable. See the shite thrown MK Dons way down south.
  5. And the brave hail hail Bhoys were cheated by those snidy wee Calvinist Aberdonians yet again at Parkhead in December of that year with the referee, who, so I've read somewhere, kept Catholics as slaves at the bottom of his garden, blatantly cheating to give Aberdeen a goal which wasn't and not giving the Celtic two goals which were. !
  6. Unlike you I was alive at to the time and attended the Celtic Aberdeen cup final which Aberdeen won fair and square. What you would have read was the usual paranoid 'always cheated never defeated' ravings of a minority of Celtic fans. Wonder what these peoples excuse was when Feyenoord slaughtered them a few weeks later ?
  7. "And they gave him medicinal compound now he's emperor of Rome" .......
  8. Anyone who doesn't like 'Lily The Pink' should be made to listen to the horror that is 'Get It On with Bryan Burnett' in perpetuity. Same for those who'd dare mock 'Winchester Cathedral' , 'England Swings' and 'Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)' to name but three.
  9. As ever with Old Firm fans it's always all about you. But the rather boring truth of it is that you are ridiculed on here because a)it is extremely easy, b) we enjoy it. It is neither a plan nor a strategy. You are welcome to submit, resist, jump up and down and wave you're knickers in the air, ignore or ridicule in turn. I , for one, have no real interest in the opinion of those who support the Old Firm on matters concerning the Old Firm. On everything else I'm all ears.
  10. Celtic by 7 or 8 I would imagine. Amazing to think that Aberdeen could come down to Glasgow three times in 1970 to play a Celtic side with far superior players and a far superior manager to the one that will ritually slaughter them tomorrow and win three times. All against a side officially the 2nd best in Europe that year. And for all the gentle baiting of thin skinned Celtic fans about the tedious lack of meaningful achievement that this procession to the title constitutes, they can only beat what's in front of them. It's just really sad that it's come to this.
  11. Comprehension not your best subject at school ?? At no stage have I given my opinion on the greatness or otherwise of Jim Leighton. I have merely asked how the words 'great goalkeeper' and 'cant handle crosses' could be attributed to the same person. Whether or not Jim could 'handle crosses' or was or was not 'a great keeper' isn't something I have given an opinion on. My opinion was only that a great goalkeeper can , by definition, 'handle crosses'. You're thin skinned desperation to see a slight against a favourite of yours where none exists is almost Celticesque in its paranoid delusion.
  12. It wasn't me who said he 'couldn't handle crosses'. Jim Leighton is an irrelevance here. I'm disputing the description of 'great' alongside 'cant handle crosses'. A goalkeeper, any goalkeeper cannot be both .I've got vertigo so I can't possibly be a 'great steeplejack' .
  13. Hmm...maybe I'm being too picky here but 'a great keeper who can't handle crosses' isn't a great keeper . A bit like 'the great full back who can't handle wingers running at him' or 'the great striker who can't handle being one on one with the goalie'. If you can't handle the basic requirements of your position how can you be 'great' at it ?
  14. Get it fucking up you, Gatland !!!!
  15. All I suggested is that big Ange is bringing home the whatever . Can't a man have a Damescene Conversion in peace and quiet anymore. ? And less of the cracks about 'care homes' & 'dementia' ...that's not the Celtic way. You're better than that.....are you not ?
  16. I would never suggest that supporting Celtic is boring. Baffling, yes, but never boring.
  17. Don't be a minter. This idea that we can keep the likes of Ross County, Aberdeen, Motherwell et al at bay just by financially treading water is nonsense . Ange came in and said, " give us the big bucks, mate and I'll give you the league" And he delivered. That, my friend, is the mark of an outstanding manager....Mon the Hoops !!!!!
  18. I think the 'Celtic Family' can rest easy on that one. Leeds Utd not big enough for the 'big man' Mon the Hoops!!!!!!!
  19. But remember, not everyone can do it, which is why Celtic have only won 15 trophies in their history...mon the hoops !!!!
  20. If they still do it get a bus to Sausalito - goes over the Golden Gate bridge - stroll about a bit, Sausalito's a lovely wee place, then get the ferry back to San Francisco.
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