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  1. Agree, it begs the question and sensible responses, Stuart Millar as Director of Football would not be doing his job correctly if he did not seek the best players at this level, would and should an offer be made for Goodwillie if he was available and within budget., with Clydes impending financial difficulties surfacing..
  2. Over the course of our good run, any time we scored first we won, The 2 games we lost Raith and Clyde got the first goal and we were unable to get back into the game,, due to our lack of creativity and squad options, Ally Roy is a busted flush, midfield without Roberts lacks energy and our right back MacDonald cannot defend, Hopefully 3 players can be signed to add to the group, getting crowded at the top, Falkirk next, Massive game for the whole club, can we go again....
  3. Understand the sentiments i rate Smith and McCann highly also, small problem is that belong to Accies and Dunfermline.... The player i would try and sign next is Callum Fordyce steady player.
  4. It seems very similar to the proposed Airdrie model, when the consortium rescued the club from Tom Wotherspoon, Lots of committees and sub committees, ours never really got going with various fallouts and dick swinging going on. A clash of egos is a real danger and at the end of the day 3pm on a Saturday is all that really matters to the majority of people supporting any club.. Oh and Paul Goodwin seems an absolute fantasies who can talk for hours and tell you the square root of f all.. Merry Christmas
  5. What's happened to Mr Goals this season, has he went stale needing a change or struggling with injury, could play top end league one easy the lad.
  6. Interested to see who we are after in the forthcoming window with i think a striker and a midfielder a priority, I don't mind rumours as long as it doesn't end up a dick swinging contest with in the know crowd..
  7. Let's not forget Scott Smith loaned from Dundee United, horrendous player. Or the prancing pony Sir Andy Ferguson
  8. Right that's the flag taken down , a proper flag put up to replace it, can we build a wall .....
  9. Personally I wouldn't be paying any players out there contract , we did that last year and it is undubstainable, Big Nat appears to be this season's scapegoat, we always have had one every season anyway.... I agree we need to strengthen probably 2 players preferably with a bit of experience guide us through the second half of the season, This season we have currently or have used 4 loan players, is there not a limit for loan players for a season.....
  10. What has happened to Chris O Neil a player highly rated by many happy clippers at Airdrie, he seems to have fallen out the side recently is that due to injury, form or has his attitude problems resurfaced again.
  11. Would like to see a successful appeal, although this is the SFA after all.. Any word on the severity of Charlie Reillys injury...
  12. Don't worry the bills are due this week and make sure you put the tree up, we will be back next weekend..... Oh and remember #vote Tory, you fifers luv them don't ya
  13. Surely it is more than a buffet meal, is there not a free bar, half time refreshments and option of drowning your sorrows after the game, which you have just watched from the comfort of an executive box...
  14. What's the issue with Hendry, he was a class above in the last game at Airdrie
  15. If we want to achieve our goals this season at some point we need to beat Raith Rovers, It is a funny stadium Starks Park, I never think it is very intimidating but we always struggle. Thinking back the last time we won at Starks was 2007 (is that right) with England striking coach Allan Russell getting a double in the playoffs. With a certain up and coming Goodwillie starting g for the fifers..
  16. Was that the one from Carrick point blank header, looked a bad miss from in front of the stand...
  17. If you want under the roof, you will have to be there by 2pm i think, if not I will need a pair of wipers for the Gregory pecks.
  18. Looking forward to The cup tie, which I think wi!l be tougher than we think, not many goals probably a good old fashioned cup tie,, A bit concerned that this is not All Ticket, last time we played there at New Year 2018 the 2 - 2 game, Attendance in the monsoon was 1032 according to records and was pretty tight, I think we could take 7 or 800 to this game, could they get in ....
  19. The last time I can recollect being top in mid November was in season 2001/02 the Ian McCall season, The end of that season saw our demise...
  20. Just reading about John Bairds every changing situation, Do you decent For Far supporters hold any grudge against Baird, for his apparent snakey release from his no 2 role and also a playing contract, in order for him to emigrate to oz, Baird signed a short term deal but is now apparently looking for a deal from Raith to the end of the season. All seems very convenient a good player but to me he looks a cvnt of a human being.......Thoughts
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