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Peep Show


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I found the latest one on 4od to be hilarious. The presentation was one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time.

Me too. I'm going to have to watch that bit again. When he was flicking through the slides to hurriedly get to the end, there was some hilarious images but I'm sure I didn't catch them all.

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I bought the Season 1-7 box set on Thursday night for the bargain price of £25, watched the entire 1st and 2nd series on Friday night, and although I've seen both countless times, laughed the whole way through. Peep Show is fucking magnificent.

"I'll tell you what, that Crack is really more-ish"

Not really that much of a bargain when they're free on 4oD though eh? tongue.gif

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Does adblocker block adverts on 4od? I thought it only removed image ads from webpages.

It does. It still stops for adverts but then a second later it re-starts again. Does the same with ITV player. It's a lovely extension.

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I thought that was brilliant. Everything from the moment Jeremy got stuck on the train onwards was Peep Show at its finest.

The bit where Mark got annoyed because the conductor was going to put Jeremy off at the next stop - which was where they were going - was brilliant.

Even my brother doesn't watch Peep Show but happened to be in the room at that point, found it funny.

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Been watching it from the start and just got to the episode where Mark goes to the school reunion and intends to have an affair with that Sally at The Orgazoid's house only for her husband to come over and catch him hiding in the cupboard.


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