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What about Mark's sister? Has she re-appeared since season 3? Tickety-Boo!

I'm sure she has been in it a few times since then, at marks wedding possibly. There was the shoplifter lassie when Jez was on jury duty and also the lads who mugged Mark.

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See I think Peep Show is actually hindered by how gloriously and utterly brilliant it was right from the start. There's no way to go when series one is a 10/10, y'know?

True, the first 2 series are the best for me, but the third is really good too, just not as many memorable moments. My fav bit is still just after mark's made that 'I like you' phone message song and they're sitting in the bath drinking whisky, Mark's like 'You owe me 3 months rent, you're going to the interview"

"Oh, I'll go to the interview, but I wont be getting the job"

It's the way Jez laughs out loud, cracks me up every time. Then the faces he pulls at the interview XD

Oh I got 50% Jez, which is about right cos I did have the same long-sleeve that Jez wore in an episode once.

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