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The Simpsons best bits


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1 hour ago, accies1874 said:

Hank Azaria has said he won't voice Apu anymore.

Now if he could do the same for all his other characters and everyone else who voices characters could follow suit we could just remember the times in the 90s when it was good.

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Watched Bart on the road last night, fantastic episode!

Skinner inventing go to work with your parents day so he can go on holiday "tomorrow you will learn by doing and apply your knowledge of fractions and gym to real world situations"

Skinners face when he sees Bart in Hong Kong.

Barts national grammar rodeo alibi.

Radar love blasting out the stereo.

The look of content on Nelson's face with his feet up in the car.

Nelson seeing Andy Williams.

Bart the end "don't think I'll go next year getting too commercial they forgot it's supposed to be about the grammar.

So many more scenes I could've mentioned they sure don't make them like that anymore.

Definitely in my top 5 favourite episodes.

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