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St Mirren Relegation Express

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Well, what a load of shite this has been.

What's remarkable is how the form of your team can put you off football altogether. Exacerbated by the fact my second and third teams - Coventry and Newcastle - are also fucking terrible.

Was trying to watch the Champions League last week and I didn't give a shite. Match of the Day this weekend? Didn't care. Normally I hate the odd-numbered years when there's no summer football tournament, but this year I'm fucking delighted.

^^^ Taking it well. :thumbsdown

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Mor10 vs Maureen threads will either be pay per view or watch through yer fingers stuff next season 8)

Naw. Only Poz or Lex will even bother with a saddo who has 55k posts on a football forum.

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Kinda glad in a way that it is finally over with. It's those little glimmers of light followed by a collapse that were the most galling.

I thought we had a pretty good pre-season and the team looked in great shape on and off the park. Certainly never seen what happened happening, but that's football I guess.

There's been many factors since then have resulted in our relegation. Some within our control and some not. Bottom line is the league table doesn't lie and we deserve to go down.

This is the third time I've seen us relegated from the top flight and I'm under thirty. We came back the twice before and we will come back again, that's life for teams like us. I don't think it's worth getting too worked up about. We've been promoted and relegated from the top flight before and at some point we will get promoted then relegated again.

Compared to other similarly sized clubs we do okay really. Indeed we are one of only four clubs in Scotland still in existence to have won both domestic trophies in the last thirty years. When you compare that record to some of our peers... We also have the infrastructure in place off the park and we aren't going down with players on big contracts and debt around our necks.

The first time I seen us relegated it took us seven seasons to win the seond tier and the second time it took us five. I suppose in theory it won't be as difficult this time, as unlike back then you don't have to win the second tier to come back up. The playoff system is a good idea and it obviously makes relegation and therefore promotion far more likely for everyone. It's possible to effectively finish midtable in the Championship and still be promoted.

Of course relegation is never a good thing, everyone wants to see their club play at the highest level possible. However I think that in the long term the club may benefit from a change of scenery and division, and of course a much awaited reunification with the team from the tail of the bank. It gets a bit stale when you're playing the same teams three or four times a year for nine years. Teams like ICT and Accies have been relegated and came back stronger and in a financially sustainable way since we've been in this league and we must now aim to do the same.

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Looks like it will be only one season for the buddies in the Championship and whomever else is relegated if that comes to pass.

All this talk of league reconstruction means it is fairly inevitable we will see a 16 team top flight not next season but the one after that.

With that in mind - I would not mind a season in a different league. Nice to see some different grounds etc. Just kidding........

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St Mirren have done alright really, league cup and they've hung around for nearly a decade. They never seemed to appoint a properly good manager though, Gus McPherson managed to shit fest them to safety year after year, Lennon done well to get the trophy they just never seemed to kick on.

I'm glad they've been relegated because I harbour ambitions of Dunfermline not being a laughing stock for a second and getting promoted next year and St Mirren will be a good club to have in the championship, decent away crowds etc.

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