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Celtic v Rangers

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Making an arse of yourself again bennett. A total comedy act. I'm embarrassed you are the same species as me

If you want me to kindly 'f**k off' from your cup thread, take your own advice & kindly f**k off from this thread.

Why are the diddies so hypocritical on this matter?
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"Have those involved in this decision taken into account the fact that Police Scotland reported that the number of calls concerning domestic abuse cases almost doubled on the day the teams met in their Scottish Cup semi-final match earlier this year?

"Does no-one remember Police Scotland's campaign last year during the festive season to reduce the number of domestic incidents during the festive period, 'a time when domestic violence is at it's highest'?

"It would seem not, as both issues will now be drawn together by the staging of a Rangers v Celtic game on Hogmanay."

The sickening reality of this fixture laid bare.


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2 hours ago, Rugster said:

Kenny Miller arrested due to an incident in Bothwell after this match :lol:


The Rangers collective heads gone continues, brought to you courtesy of the 21/05/2016.

Apropos of nothing really but years ago (maybe a decade or more now, time flies) a mate of mine went round to Kenny Miller's house.  I forget the exact reason but it was something typically obscure like his sister's mate was going out with one of Miller's mates or something like that.  Anyway supposedly Kenny wasn't a great conversationalist, and spent most of their visit silently playing away on his xbox or whatever it was.  Fair enough.  Apparently the only thing he actually said during the whole visit was:

"Ah fucking love spaghetti hoops".

Just thought I'd share that with P&B.


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