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Choose Mrs Romeo's New car


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Following on from the popular "choose Romeo junior's university" and "what should we have for dinner" threads I invite you to continue deciding what the romeo household do next.

Mrs Romeo's new car...!!

It needs to be a small hatch as anything bigger would involve her having a meltdown,

Cars we (she) is considering...

The new Ford KA+ (she currently has a KA)

Dacia Sandero

New Nissan Micra


Skoda Fabia

Your budget is £12'000ish

Do you have any of the above cars? are there any we haven't though about?

Get to it P&B..!!

My main considerations are safety, value for money, equipment levels.

Mrs romeo's main consideration is "Does it have heated seats?"

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Surely has to be an Alpha Romeo of some sort 

The Fabia comes out top in tests of those you list but also worth considering is the new Hyundai i10 although not the prettiest of cars 

Arnold Clark have great deals on pre registered  Astras

i was looking at one the other day for my wife 

1.4 Sri , registered March 2017, 30 miles on the clock at £10,045 

Great deal 



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Nissan Micra.

What's this about heated seats? I've had a burnt arse from plastic seats in the summer before, but never suffered in the winter.


I'll warm up her arse for her.


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Just now, throbber said:

I would just recommend a fiesta, they look snazzy and are reliable motors.

Alternatively the fiat 500 is a nice woman's car.

The 2000's called, they want their misogyny back. 

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Just now, throbber said:


The 1950's called, they want their misogyny back.


That's not mysogyny, it's called caring for your wife in a deep and meaningful way. The poor creatures don't have the spatial awareness to drive a car as they have female minds - the kind that are great at knowing which spice complements which food or what colours match, but rotten at using a steering wheel and an accelerator at the same time. It's science, bitch.


The caring husband doesn't subject his wife to such unfair stresses. He provides for his wife and family, fits out the kitchen with every labour saving device men can invent and tells her she's a wonderful cook. He doesn't buy her a car for heaven's sakes.

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