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The European football level St. Mirren FC 2024/25 thread

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On 23/03/2023 at 15:28, Molotov said:

No relation to Stuart Dickson?

He also was also very wealthy with TVs in every room of his home.

What ever happened to him?


I saw a headline this morning and came here to ask the very same?

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7 hours ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

Many years ago I had some roaster attempting to recruit me into what was effectively a pyramid scheme disguised as a business opportunity.

I don't know this guy Richard from Adam, but I had a long look at his website, and the content and tone of it is the absolute epitome of what I have described above.

Was it a St Mirren centre half selling #Herbalife?  

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7 hours ago, Coventry Saint said:

For those wondering, I'd pay to fill in the corners and name one after my Grampa. The corners would contain flexible units for use by public/businesses/the club, and at least one would be a bar. I'd build a permanent replacement for the dome. I'd scope out a safe standing area in W7. 

Pretty much how I’d invest in the club. I keep thinking about how I’d spend my huge euromillions win and every time it’s don’t get involved in the club but spend it on the infrastructure of the club for the benefit of my fellow fans. I know I’m a frigging dogooder 😂😂

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20 minutes ago, Coventry Saint said:

I've heard they've already got one in Greenock, am I right?

Indeed, but I used shoddy materials to build the monorail and Greenock in question is now in financially ruined. 

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Must admit, had also thought what I’d do if I won something like £120 million on Euromillions in regard to investing in St Mirren. Should they wish to accept my investment that is. For my offer would be to only invest in infrastructure projects that directly benefitted supporters. So, just my opinion of course, I would be interested in building a true, proper, open to all ‘Leeds United style’ matchday venue for food, drink, comfy seats, TVs showing games etc. A fit—for-purpose Airdome replacement. Extend the West Stand backwards into some of the car park to at least double the space and install bigger better lavvies etc. Maybe look into other stuff in time…. In return, would merely insist that all home strips have proper stripes, red names and numbers, and are made by Adidas.

The BoD and SMiSA can take it or leave it. That’s my offer. 😀

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