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The Mandela Effect


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5 minutes ago, Shotgun said:

I am 100% positive I watched the 1970 World Cup on colour television. We didn't get a colour television until about 1973 or 1974.

Ditto, but I watched it in a neighbour's house. Strangely, I remember lots of this WC vividly, but I can barely remember the recent ones.

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I can vividly remember hearing an interview on the radio with a police superintendent somewhere offering advice on people breaking into your house. Not just vaguely remember, but vividly.

He said that official police advice was to leave your car keys near your front door. What then would happen is that if someone were to break in, they'd see your car keys, and bugger off with the car. Which is far better than them coming into your house and rummaging around your room.

I can see the logic, I'd far rather wake up to find someone had stolen an insured vehicle than find someone standing over my kids while they were sleeping.

However I can find no record of this advice at all, and indeed recent advice seems to be that you shouldn't do this as insurers might not pay out if they judge you hadn't taken enough effort to safeguard your car keys.

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The wife and I did a road trip in the USA some years ago. I vividly remember driving through the cotton fields of Georgia under the bluest sky I'd ever seen singing 500 Miles by the Proclaimers  with my wife in the passenger seat on my left.


Which is impossible as it was a left hand drive car.


There's a name for this - it's when your brain actually corrects a memory to what it thinks is right. Can't remember what it's called though :unsure:

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5 hours ago, Slenderman said:

From "Luke, I am your father"/"No, I am your father" to the Monopoly guy not having a monocle.

What's P&Bs experiences of this phenomenon?


I had to look this up. I believe a phenomenon exists but it shouldn't be called after Mandela. The incident in question seems to describe stupid people, who have seen one event and mistakenly associate it with another. The problem being, they weren't that interested to remember properly.

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