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Things you are sh*te at


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1. Giving a f*ck about things/people that I can't benefit from/exploit in some way.

2. Getting to sleep at a reasonable hour.

3. Completing tasks with plenty time to spare.

4. Explaining the nuances of my thoughts and ideas.

5. Dancing.

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1. Learning languages. 

2. Silicone sealing in kitchens & bathrooms. 

3. Snooker on a full size table. 

4. Drawing or painting artwork. 

5. Juggling with 3 balls (2 is a piece of piss).

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1. My handwriting is terrible.

2. Sleeping. I struggle to handle the shift work which I’ve been doing for nearly six years now. I either sleep too much or don’t sleep enough.

3. DIY

4. Saying ‘enough is enough’ and leaving the boozer at a decent hour. Last Saturday I left the house at 11:30 to go to the game. Kept saying to myself all week ‘just go for a couple of pints after the game and go home for once’. I spilled in the door at 04:00 the following morning.

5. Getting general tasks done. I’m a terrible person for putting things off. This can range from doing work on essays to getting a fault fixed on my car. 


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Finishing books
Only having a couple of pints
Saving money
Growing a moustache
Using a pillow

This last one my seem strange, it’s more I just can’t get comfy. Where does your arm go? Should my shoulder be on the pillow? How many pillows? These and more all seem to differ on a nightly basis. I’m 27 f**k sake, I should know how to get comfy to get to sleep quickly!

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1 - Interviewing Peter Stringfellow.

2 - Watching televised sport.

3 - Working out the difference between Good and Bad A.I.D.S.

4 - Not sleeping less than 9 hours per night.

5 - Reading posts on internet forums by the general public.





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1. Talking to burds

2. Dancing

3. Not being socially awkward

4. Ten-pin bowling

5. Sticking to routine exercise that doesn't include football

6. Art, any form basically

7. Go-karting

8. Saving money

9. Baking

10. Concentrating

11. DIY

12. Ice-skating

13. Getting out of bed as soon as I wake up

14. Singing

15. Following most instructions

16. Knowing when to stop drinking

17. Small talk

18. Technology


I am not very good at most things. 

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