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What's the most "Tin Pot" thing you've seen in the SPFL

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Having strict rules on players, coaches, directors, etc. gambling on football anywhere on the planet yet the whole league system and the national cup competition being sponsored by betting companies.

Or not being able to find a sponsor for the national cup competition until the semi-finals!

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6 hours ago, lanky_ffc said:

Think it lasted 2 matches. We also had competitions to let folk watch a game from a truck cab and a crane. What a club :lol:


Falkirk promo

It's gimmicky but I would enjoy watching a match from a hot tub if it wasn't raining (especially if I could have beer), or a truck cab if it was raining.

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Just now, DrewDon said:

Aberdeen FC continuing to train on public parks because we can't build a fence around a couple of grass pitches. 

Aberdeen FC pitches and toasters is nothing compared to the tin pot reconstruction proposals and snots and tears from Milne.


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6 hours ago, killiefan27 said:

Couldn't decide between tractor on the pitch or Santa on a truck.

I think tractor on the pitch might have been slightly worse, as the people with shovels at the other end actually got the job done faster and the tractor delayed the start of the second half.



a missed opportunity to promote Killie to the good folk of Rosewell...

(gratuitous East of Scotland diddy league in joke..) 

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17 hours ago, D.A.F.C said:

Airdrie trialist coming on and volleying a peach of an own goal straight away from a corner.

"scorer for dunfermline no14 trialist" waaaay sign him up sign him up 


Same game we had a fan take over as a linesman. 


Cardle had a good chance from a Gibson pass but unfortunately he drove the ball straight at the keeper. The introduction of another trialist for Airdrie in 57th minute made an immediate impact.  Unluckliy for him he made the headlines for scoring the most embarrassing of own goals with his first touch.  Bayne fed Woods out on the right wing and when he lofted the ball into the far side of the six yard box the TRIALIST (Tom Nolan)sunk a fine shot in off the left goalpost. Roars of laughter appropriately welcomed the strike.


An announcement went out appealing for an SFA registered referee that might be in the stadium and someone did emerge from the North West Stand to be ushered to the officials changing room. In the event there were three volunteers and the crowd were informed that indeed there would be a stand in linesman and the match would continue as soon as possible.  After Midlothian geography teacher, Joe Moore was stripped for action the match restarted 14 minutes later.




Been a few instances of this at East End. In Jocky Scott's final game (proper lynch mob outside the main stand after the game) Morton beat us 2-1. Our reserve keeper Lindsay Hamilton was the linesman in the second half and had no clue how to be a linesman and just spent his time shouting instructions and encouragement at his teammates.

More recently..

Pars v Cowden. Colin Cameron as player manager having his usual meltdown. Loose ball in the middle of the park and Cameron hits the ref with a two footed shocker then moans at the ref for getting in the way. As the undertakers take away the ref at half time and the teams don't reappear the game is heading towards abandonment unless a replacement official is found. Step forward Cowden's Lewis Coult. Came out with a ref's whistle and some sort of kids toy and happily spent a few minutes enjoying himself pretending to send off the subs who were warming up. 

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