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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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9 minutes ago, itzdrk said:

On the face of it a 5'9 striker who has only scored against academy sides isn't one to be buzzing about.  

See how he goes though.

ETA - wonder if he'll be more of a wide forward like Ashford is. 


I think if we were to set a realistic target for him, coming off the bench most weeks, occasionally starting, 5-10 goals is probably what we can expect so that has to be taken in to consideration. 
McKenzie and Ashford are playing regularly, while they are playing well and contributing to results, they don’t look like they will be hitting those numbers at the moment.
If goals from Akinyemi dry up or he is missing for a few weeks it could be an issue. 

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I feel with how early they’ve announced Brad Young that there may be something else to happen. No idea what area we would try and strengthen as we have a decent amount of bodies everywhere. Maybe loaning someone out for game time and bringing someone else in?

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2 minutes ago, Finlay21 said:

Young should be ok , got to remember we are not going to get a top centre forward who knows he going to be on the bench potentially most weeks unless Dipo gets an injury or a big loss of form 

Yes, at our level and given the dearth of striking talent out there, the harsh reality is that we're either going for a "proven" non league type striker or a young inexperienced "could be anything" type from a big club with a pedigree.

As for Josh Mullin, I'd say he's very much at the high end of any realistic expectations that we had, given that he's both proven at this level as a top player and also has the associated bags of experience.

I'd say our recruitment so far has been top notch and it should also make a huge difference introducing ANY new players into a winning side full of confidence.

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26 minutes ago, Finlay21 said:

Think he has a potential mid term injury 

I thought that was the case as he’s been missing for a couple of games.

If we are bringing in someone to be a back-up/pushing for a first team place, that is essentially a like for like of Bryden, so a loan move where Bryden is playing weekly might be a benefit. 

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2 hours ago, bazka6 said:

Thought he might be backup for Dipo, but worrying if there’s a requirement for him to play.

I doubt we'd be held to ransom to that. Look at Bradley last season, Duffy didn't utilise him enough and Hibs recalled him.

If they are good enough they should start. Otherwise on the bench. Also with new additions, I'd be loathe to unsettle what is a winning team. The players who have the starting positions have earnt them. The new guys need to prove they can take the shirts.

Competition for places should help maintain and improve standards. 

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I'd imagine that'll be us.

Was always going to be difficult to get a seasoned pro striker who realistically wouldn't be a guaranteed starter.

Thought this may have allowed Fraser Bryden to go out on loan to a league 2 side or something but seems he has quite a bad injury.

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We’re currently sitting with a squad of 28 players. I can’t see us adding anyone else unless some of them are moved on.

Surprised the likes of Bilham, Jeanes, Jenkins, Viviani and Guthrie haven’t went out on loan (or if they have it hasn’t been mentioned by the club)

If we’re being really greedy I still think we could do with adding a creative, attacking midfielder. Think Mullin can play in that role but he’s best on the wing. 

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I'd have liked the 'Bradley' we got to have been Steven Bradley.....but this one will do for sure.

I'll be ecstatic if we had more cover in midfield but maybe Bangala will surprise me when he gets up to speed. For now, the squad looks strong enough to survive and do well in the first half of the season at least.

Well done again to everyone at the club for getting the Mullin and Young signings done. The feel-good factor is almost overwhelming at times these days.....will Saturday get my feet back on the ground? I hope not but, like many at the club, we know there are challenges to come that won't all end in success - the great thing recently is the togetherness factor which I strongly believe will stand us in good stead whatever the set-backs are. 

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3 minutes ago, muZZa__44 said:

Attacking central midfielder perhaps?

Interesting, can't see us trying to hijack Dylan Tait plus he doesn't really fit into a 4/4/2 that well with the way Murdoch & Dempsey are performing. 

Bully did say a while back about possibly another CB so could be a defender on loan? We ran with 4 CB'S 2nd half of last season plus Bully maybe wanting to have options to change to a 3 at the back if required on occasion.

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