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Stranraer FC v Raith Rovers FC

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We’ll need to be significantly better than yesterday - and that’s just to avoid defeat.

Can see this descending into a “we’ll get pumped” “No! We’ll get pumped” fest. The reality is this won’t be easy for us, but no result (win, draw, loss) will surprise me. Looking forward to the trip down, and back up, and the football season proper starting.
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I'm looking forward to this one too, just about as much as I look forward to going to visit the dentist.

Still massively undecided as to whether or not to travel down as Mr Baz and his boys fill me with no confidence what so ever.

One thing I am sure of is that a defeat down there will see this thread an absolute seething mess on Saturday night .

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3 minutes ago, Raith Against The Machine said:

Do we have an adult goalkeeper for this or whit?

Nothing yet. All very reminiscent of the Ayr game where Stevenson was in goals where everyone knew we had no keeper signed, but were expecting movement before the game that never materialised. 

Tbh, I'm tempted to put money on Stranraer in case it comes to pass.

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Assuming Thompson is fit, and Duggan isn't.

What I'd like to see us play (and you could swap Wedderburn for Matthews):


Formation designed to get the most out of Milne, who even Smith says is best playing off of the front, and while it relies on two young full backs hopefully the spare centre back and midfielder can help them out.

What we will play:





Three centre backs in a back 4, no wingers at all in a midfield devoid of creativity.

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Renton’s nailed it. I’m of the same mindset, at least 2-0 Stranraer, -1 the safe bet.

In the Lake District this weekend, so only gonna check the phone at 5pm once it’s done. Hopefully Smith out by 6pm.



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