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Israel lobby v Corbyn


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39 minutes ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:

So he said that clothes predominantly worn by Muslim women make those who predominantly wear said clothes (Muslim women) look like letterboxes or bank robbers.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Yes he did say you can wear what you want but if you wear religious garments that cover all your face but your eyes then people can accordingly poke fun as it looks a bit silly. I also think if he had said that in the capacity of PM he would/should have resigned, also in 2003 when he wrote it I wouldn't have used such language but it's barely comparable to the deep rooted antisemitism that was allowed to fester and grow under Corbyns Labour. 

Whataboutery as I said, it does nothing. 

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I think the focus on this point has truth but I think a genuine issue in the Corbyn leadership was that it was a broad line of defence when in many cases, the stuff being reported was quite blatantly anti-semitic, this caused a big part of the problem. You can't feel confident in a process if the leadership can be interpreted as delegitimising it, add in that the leader has been friends with Ken Livingstone and it's not hard to see how things fall to shit. He had this really complicated issue to deal with and his own office and Labour HQ was filled with children and utter no marks who had been proven to be inept. IMO it all comes down to him being a nice guy with decent aspirations but being utterly out of his depth in leadership.

Whether the current approach is correct or not, the problem was massively exasperated by Corbyn just being really shite at politics.


I think that's the real issue - Corbyn himself I would never call antisemitic but from the off it seemed that the issue of antisemitism was not dealt with properly. 

The Chakrabarti report was an utter travesty that gave grist to those looking for an excuse to attack Corbyn.


The EHRC report has gone completely the other way - not helped by a definition of antisemitism adopted by the EHRC which was never meant to be the interpretation.


Criticism of Israel government policies is not criticism of the right of Israel to exist and is not antisemitic.


If Corbyn is guilty of anything it is of being too trusting of anyone who called themselves anti-zionist - the enemy of my enemy is my friend - without actually checking that they always were truly what they said to be.


That being said, the biggest complainers have always had ulterior motives - if Corbyn had been a Zionist they would have found another stick to beat him with.

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Antisemitism from current Labour frontbenchers alert!
Honestly, what the f**k is that?
I'm sure suspension from the party or at the very least a sacking from the frontbench, as Rebecca Long-Bailey got for retweeting an interview with Maxine Peake, is going to follow in the next few hours. After all, the Labour Party is serious about using today as an opportunity to genuinely tackle racism and learn from past mistakes rather than weaponising it to fight factional battles.

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1 minute ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

Criticism of Israel government policies is not criticism of the right of Israel to exist and is not antisemitic.

That's the tricky thing, even mentioning the verifiable ethnic cleansing involved in creating their State is interpreted as denying Israel's right to exist.

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20 minutes ago, Stormzy said:

Are we allowed to say the Pope wears a funny looking hat..?


Asking for a friend. 

Yes. You're also allowed to say that Muslim women look like letterboxes and bank robbers. In fact, it may just score you a job at the very top!

It's all fair game as long as you don't criticise the murderous state of Israel.

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22 minutes ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:

Folk wearing ridiculous clothes in the name of religion?

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Yeah they look like ripper weirdos to me as does anyone that wears religious garments.

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