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Israel lobby v Corbyn


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16 hours ago, NotThePars said:

Thinking that the US and UK are so pro-Israel specifically because of the Jewish heritage of the state or because of some perceived overrepresentation of Jewish people in the media or politics is absolutely anti-Semitic lol. It's no surprise that BawWatchin subscribes to the socialism of fools though.

Israel was part of the US sphere of influence during the cold war (thus the UK supported Israel by default) while the USSR supported Egypt & Syria amongst other Arab countries. On an individual level by and large people split on left/right political views more than any perceived overrepresentation of Jewish people in the media - this is the background to Corbyn's thinking on the issue, it's maybe a generational thing as other Labour politicians of that vintage like Galloway & Livingstone's have also found out to their expense.

I think Corbyn is right to defend his & Labour's actions on the issue during the time he was in charge, however it's a fine line and he should be wary of the examples of the aforementioned Galloway & Livingstone who both dug their own political graves on this issue.




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1 minute ago, Henderson to deliver ..... said:


normal stuff happening on this normal island of ours.

So much for German efficiency, you'd have thought they would stop at the head dashing if they have to get through 6 million.

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4 hours ago, MixuFruit said:

NAP she'll  be posting that and its per portion cost whenever the "poor people tend to have trouble feeding  themselves somewhat adequately" discourse once more rolls into town.

Only 12p per serving!

First,  heat your Aga to 270 degrees. Then grab these 14 spice jars from the back of your cupboard

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On 30/10/2020 at 08:49, MixuFruit said:

I dunno if it got wiped in that brief period where google let people delete their online presence like that cheating referee tried to, but I'm sure Mark Lawson once wrote a thing about Nicholas  Soames being *unbelievably* antisemitic in a restaurant when he walked in and saw him. Have never been able to find it gaian.

There's this but it's by someone else. 


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56 minutes ago, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) said:

White people protecting their own self interests isn't racism though. You should be allowed to protect your own self interests regardless of your race, no?

That’s like saying men protecting a patriarchal system is not sexist.

It’s about those in charge of the power structures protecting these structures.

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