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Israel lobby v Corbyn


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2 hours ago, WhiteRoseKillie said:

Watching the front pages review on Sky News, the female journalist, who made sure to preface comments with "as a Jewish woman", referred to "Millions of left-wing jews" being betrayed by Labour. Regardless of political affiliation - millions? really? Neither Bastani or the anchor pulled her up on this, what I, as a Gentile* man, will call a massive fucking lie.

Not 'arf, the total Jewish population of the UK is less than 300,000.


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Thinking that the US and UK are so pro-Israel specifically because of the Jewish heritage of the state or because of some perceived overrepresentation of Jewish people in the media or politics is absolutely anti-Semitic lol. It's no surprise that BawWatchin subscribes to the socialism of fools though.

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5 minutes ago, Genuine Hibs Fan said:

Between "marxist feminists" and "the Jews control the media (and maybe did 9/11?!)" I think BawWatchin's time pretending to be a socialist (and on here) will soon be over imo

Has Perkin apologised to you yet

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