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Dundee United 2019/2020

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12 hours ago, G_Man1985 said:

Haha that lasted long. Ach well. ;-).

Did have two arabs going nuts this morning... however reading clearly is an issue.

fair play to you, you tricked my dad at least.

Though he was more excited than anything for some reason...

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1 hour ago, stewartyftd1 said:

Looking at the fixtures and if we win the next five we can pretty much have the league wrapped up by New Year. Big incentive there to do the business next few weeks.

No, I hate talk like this. Gives me flashbacks to Rado saying "We can win the treble"

One game at a time. If we're 20-odd points clear then we can focus on that.

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Hamish in the Tele saying he hopes Benji beats his record this weekend.

I’ve only met the legendary keeper a couple of times in the passing but he is that rare breed that genuinely deserves to be called a gentleman.


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On 28/11/2019 at 23:21, Pull My Strings said:

Ooft, three and a half years for a 28 year old. That's almost unheard of these days. Good news. I'm a big fan.

It does seem a bit long to me - he will be 32 by the end of the 2022/23 season.  I'm not convinced that he will have the pace to be starting games at 32 (especially if we manage to go up before then...).

16 hours ago, ArabAuslander said:

One game at a time. If we're 20-odd points clear then we can focus on that.

Even if we were 20 points ahead with 7 games to go, I wouldn't be expecting us to win it... 

6 hours ago, Szamo's_Ammo said:

Mark Kerr as disappointing as a manager as he was a player.

An aside: Mark Kerr is under-rated by most Arabs - if it wasn't for that backpass (which still makes me shudder) he would be fondly remembered.  Very limited ability but a fantastic work ethic.

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