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Dundee United 2019/2020

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Hi lads, first of all can I just say it looks like you are finally gonna get promoted this year, which is great for my bank balance as I backed yous this year, shankland seems to have done the trick, well done and best of luck for the rest of the season. 

Next up I hope you don’t mind, I do a podcast, mostly Livi chat but this week we interviewed Chris Erskine, I know he had a pretty unsuccessful spell with you guys, he spoke at length about his career including his time with Dundee Utd, under McNamara and Paatelainen.

If you wanna give it a listen and skip over our chat you can find the interview around 22mins in...

If you don’t have Spotify you can find us by just searching TalkLivi on your preferred streaming site, we are on nearly everything including YouTube, ITunes, Soundcloud etc 

This episode is also on our website, TalkLiviPodcast.Libsyn.com 

Thanks again, feedback welcome. 

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Just now, Sarto Mutiny said:
20 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:
Another win ground out, and other results going our way too. 13 points clear.
Neilson out first time we lose though.

f**k that. As soon as we even draw I am leading a Neilson Out protest outside Tannadice

That Shankland c**t can f**k off too. Hasn't scored for a whole game!

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