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The Great Random Drinking Vessel Poll

Drinking Vessels  

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Seeing as P&B is evidently a wretched hive of auld c***s and subordinate youths that'll probably have differences in drinking habits, here's a random beer-related poll out of strange curiosity.

Dodgy picture guide below (choose whatever matches best).  Answer based on shapes/sizes only, i.e. ignore the brands and whether they're full or not. 






Personally, I just used the Begbie (E).  Beer tastes more manly that way.

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6 hours ago, NewBornBairn said:

Do folk still drink canned beer? 'sakes

I think canning process has changed since you last did it. The cans I buy are fine now to drink from if travelling. 330 ml cans into a proper glass at home for beer in its best condition when taking my time. Bigger containers are fine if I'm guzzling it.

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1. Perfect for taking 10X of to a pal’s house.

2. Getting just a couple in the house for a relaxing Friday night of doing f**k all.

3. The ‘wouldn’t normally get it but they were on offer in Asda so f**k it’ bottle.

4. For wee guys only. For the watching.

5. Fine for chucking back a couple before moving on to spirits fairly early.

6. Cerry-oot.
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4 hours ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:


When you have a penchant for mushroom suppers your opinion is void.


11 hours ago, Cerberus said:

The traditional way to drink Tennants is too sook it off a jakey's jumper.

Sooking the head off a jakey?


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27 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

At home, beer should not be poured into a glass. Just a waste of time. Wouldnt dream of decanting a can of T despite having a beautiful range of Tennents bramded glassware. Consume as intended.

Incorrect. Drinking beer from a can is fine if you're travelling somewhere or if you live on the street, but at home the Begbie should be used for all beer/lager/ale.

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