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Star Trek: Picard

King Kebab

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9 minutes ago, FairWeatherFan said:

I'd recently binged Voyager. So when old man Dutch from the Shield wandered in, I did wonder what's going on. Why not make things more complicated with the time police on top of everything else going.

To be fair it’s not uncommon for Star Trek to use the same actors for multiple roles 

But I did find it interesting his name was


Agent Wells


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This exchange perfectly encapsulates where were are with Star Trek. I assume 2009 is the Abrams/Kelvin timeline launch and therefore the cut-off point for which many have stopped liking Trek. The argument appears to be that if you trash the new shows and make the argument that the theme/message take priority over plot and story-telling, it is considered that you are anti whatever that theme is and are therefore racist, homophobic, anti-trans etc. Criticism of the show-runners and writers signify the same. 

It is crazy. I must admit I have struggled with the new shows and stopped watching Picard a couple of episodes back. The story line with Seven and Raffi stealing the police car to get to Rios did it for me - it was pointless, boring, and so cliche led that I got angry with it (sad I know - ha). And in reading through threads on the latest episode with the exploration of Picard's mind - Jesus, am glad I gave up. 

For what it is worth, despite the plot holes, I have enjoyed the three movies and have great hopes for Strange New Worlds despite the shit show that has gone on up till now. I just hope SNW is a clean break from those involved in Discovery and Picard and return to the old fashioned premise where plot and story-line take priority over character story-arc/development and message. I have no problem with message driven episodes, and as many have said, TOS and TNG is renown for it. But the difference there was that they had good writers and for their time, the message was subtly inverted and not crow-barred into the narrative (though when revisted now the message is less subtle). 





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On 16/04/2022 at 09:17, scottsdad said:

Worst one of the season so far - trips inside the mind tend to be. 

Got better in the final 15 minutes. Still think q is ill. Great guests - James Callis was excellent. 

Deep inside his mind we discover he had a childhood trauma that has affected the person he is today.  Oh my.  And his mother was involved - indeed yes.

Can they snap him out of it?  Let's hope so.  Yes.  They do.  Hooray.

On with the story.  The last 15 minutes was the only bit worth watching.

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The idea of Star Trek characters taking a trip to the present day sounds exciting but it's always a huge let down. The woman who lost her toy boy is an annoying moron.

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On 25/04/2022 at 08:23, scottsdad said:

It had been a bit of fun. Much needed after the last series of Discovery. 

How can you be talking about fun when the whole galaxy is in danger once again?

The crew of the Discovery have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders but nobody seems to appreciate that.

Thank goodness they travelled into the future to save everyone again and again and again.

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