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i'd always start a highlights programme with the game with the highest amount of goals and work backwards to the game with the least....but as we all know this is bbc scotland...im actually surprised they've not got a 10 min highlights of the rangers game during the week lobbed in to even things up.

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7 minutes ago, kingjoey said:

Not sure if I missed it, but there didn't seem to be any discussion after the match about the St Johnstone red card. Seemed really harsh to me. 

When ref gave a yellow, my 1st thought was "he's got away with one"

As soon as he paused play, I knew what was coming.

VAR shouldn't be used in a subjective decision.

Ref has seen it, and sanctioned him.

I said earlier, I felt it was 50% red, 50% yellow. What ever the refs initial decision was should have stood.

Wasn't a clear and obvious error.

(Ref gave yellow cos he knew there was a safety net...?)

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Caught up on last night's with my lunch.

Thought Kevin Clancy did an excellent job of holding off McCowan to start the attack for Rangers' 4th, must have been shiting himself that he wouldn't get the chance to give them a penalty and had to think fast.

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No analysis on the red card, but also McCann and Stewart seemed perplexed as to why VAR was involved in our first goal, when it had actually been ruled out for offside. Which was a fucking bogging decision when you saw the replay... Thankfully a case of VAR being useful.

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