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29 minutes ago, Central Belt Caley said:

The ticker along the bottom is showing the incorrect scores for all Scottish games.

We got an update from John Robertson on our goal 17 minutes after it went in. Hardly like there’s a full fixture list on that it took that long to get to it 

It's f***ing amateurish, the lot of it.  Week after week the results on this show simply cannot be trusted and yet again we had the divisional scorecard on the LH side of the screen at variance with the ticker-tape, eg Forfar 1 v Stranraer 0 when the visitors had equalised ten minutes previously.  Ditto the game at Inverness.

And they charge a licence fee for this shite LOL.

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2 hours ago, Autistisches Nilpferd said:

David Currie genuinely suggesting Scotland players should throw the England game on Tuesday to help GB qualify for the Olympics 

I would not put it past anyone who wanted to play for "Team GB" in the first place. 😑

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Some bizarre commentary on the Celtic game there, with the commentator saying “o’riley scored a cracker against St Johnstone on Sunday but that one was even better”.

Sunday’s goal was a sensational strike at the end of a brilliant move, a possible goal of the season contender. Last nights was a simple header from a cross.

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