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Arbroath 🟣⚪️ vs Patrick Thistle 🔴🟡

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Watched a bit of the game since the Morton stream was so poor (no fault of theirs, it's not like I'm paying for it) and I thought 2-0 flattered Thistle.  Looking forward to the 10th, should be a cracking crowd inside Somerset.

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We now have quality coming off the bench which is making all the difference this season,big Dowds a case in point. Hoping we’re back to full compliment next against Ayr with the return of Tiffoney.

The Bunnet certainly has his work cut out .

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Tough going playing with a much depleted team - O'Brien. McKenna, Low and Gold would have all made the starting 11 if they were available.

The sending off changed things and Thistle took control of the game.

Dylan Tait is a quality player - he had  a good debut and will get even better.

Young Shanks is a development player and it's a big ask having him playing up front.

Thistle deserved their win, but once Arbroath recruit a strike force they will be back in the game.


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Extremely pleased that we've finally got over the Arbroath hoodoo, looked for a long while like it wasn't going to be our day and they'd manage to get a point but thankfully we kept going til the end and got the rewards for it. 2 clean sheets in a row, albeit against an Arbroath side who really struggle to score goals, won't do us any harm either. Sets up a massive top of the table clash at Somerset Park next week - onto Ayr we go!

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29 minutes ago, Plastic Whistle said:

Lunged into a tackle on the touchline, ref played the advantage, then poleaxed someone in the middle of the park. Yellows for both challenges. Entire sequence happened in the space of a minute.

Exactly what happened 

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