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Sporting coincidences

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On September 16th 1905, "the wasps" Alloa Athletic played a Scottish Qualifying Cup match at Lochgelly United, also known as "the wasps", whilst their own Recreation Park was being used as a neutral venue for a Qualifying Cup replay. Before the start of the latter match, a wasps nest was disturbed causing the spectators to retreat.

Do you know of any other bizarre sporting coincidences?


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I was paying to get into a Glenafton game because my friend was playing for them at the time. 

The guy at the turnstile assumed I was a youth and charged me for a youth ticket.

I said that I was not a youth and was actually an adult.

He said "ah, you're an honest man".

I said "well, I do support them."

He didn't seem amused by that. 

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Joe Baker was apparently the most recent player to score a triple hat-trick in a Scottish Cup tie (until last month!). He'd taken that accolade from... his own brother.

Also that old chestnut about 'Waterreus & Colgan':

Dutch goalkeeper Ronald Waterreus made his debut for Manchester City in September 2004 against Barnsley in the League Cup, City running out 7-1 winners against a Tykes line-up including Nick Colgan in goal.

The following year Waterreus moved to Rangers, for whom he made his debut against Dundee United in the League Cup. Rangers won 7-1 and Colgan was once again in goal.

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