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Do you say "bless you" when someone sneezes?


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For some reason I get quite jumpy around people sneezing. They can shout or jump out on me and I'm normally unperturbed,  sneezing around me usually causes me to shout "Ya big/wee bastirt".

I was in an offshore place yesterday and shouted "fųck sake yi big smelly bastirt yi" at a boy as I walked past his desk and he sneezed.

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In answer to the OP, no I don't and actually don't want anyone else to say it to me as I feel that I need to thank them.

Those who make a massive noise/shout when they sneeze should be herded up and dumped on Ailsa Craig. Absolutely no need for it. Generally speaking, one or two sneezes is fine but anyone who goes three, four or more times sniffing and rubbing their nose in between times, without using a hanky are rank.

Was once sat next to a guy on a train who sneezes through his nose. Thankfully he had a handkerchief and each sneeze morphed into a blow of the nose. It was bizarre.

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7 minutes ago, Barry Ferguson's Hat said:

I'll say it when someone sneezes once, but sneezing twice/ three times in a row is absolutely pathetic behavior and I'll actively curse the wet-wipes engaging in such behavior. 

Whit?  If yer sneezing there's not much you can do to stop it

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6 hours ago, Shotgun said:

I say "Godzilla!".

It's non-denominational.

Trying to imagine if we all made the Godzilla roar every time we sneezed.

Every fart should be preceded by the big booming doom notes of the original Godzilla theme, especially the tiny innocuous ones.

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2 hours ago, The Moonster said:

People say it because the Pope thought it would protect people from death. As good a reason as any to distance yourself from the saying. 

I say it and I'm not dead.

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