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1 hour ago, Madame RH33 said:

Well there's the sex swing...........


Spark spent about 45min trying get a socket box to anchor. Its a fucking nightmare most the internal onto external have now had insulating, plaster and skimmed but nothing holds in it.


Get a tube of no more nails.

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42 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

Sorry to take up so much P&B bandwidth. Going to try and start training again in the new year to channel my energy etc. Thanks so much to all for the positive advice. Go such long spells not even thinking about a drink so when cravings come along and get the claws in it’s quite all-consuming and scary

Away and don't talk pish. That's what this thread is for, and indeed this section of the forum is for chatting about whatever.


The forum itself is for chatting shite of all variety, be it serious or total pish or anywhere inbetween.

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43 minutes ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

The Jane Plan advert, can anyone make out what the Irish lassie is saying?

Sounds like how someone would talk if they didn't have a tongue.

Actually, clear as a bell to me, but I’ve a background in having to translate between English, Yank, Scots and Irish, it’s just Welsh that f**ks me, even when they swear they’re speaking English.

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5 minutes ago, The Skelpit Lug said:

Every year I think it will be the best Hogmanay TV ever and always disappointed. Music it is.

TV has been pish on Hogmanay for years. It used to be good too, which is the disappointing thing.

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