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Quick Question Thread

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Just now, Inanimate Carbon Rod said:

Thank you! This thread truly delivers. Ill show your response to the wife. 

You'll look great, only difficult decision is Levi or Wranglers

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20 minutes ago, Inanimate Carbon Rod said:

I prefer AG jeans just now but if im going proper western i think it’ll need to be Wrangler?

Damn straight. They’d lynch you at Gilley’s if you told them Levi’s were “western”.

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4 hours ago, Inanimate Carbon Rod said:

Should i get a Stetson hat?

I used to wear a Stetson until I lost it on a train. Got laughed at by the young team a lot, but gey useful in the rain, or when the sun's low in the sky.

Frankly, a baseball cap performs the same duties, and you can stick it in your pocket.

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24 minutes ago, Empty It said:

Do rugby balls last longer than footballs with mental dogs?

3 Questions, Dogs, let them run....no balls. rugby balls do last longer as less people play, mental dogs are from mental people?

Bill Bur tells you about dogs 


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