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Unpopular opinions.

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21 minutes ago, throbber said:

I still have no idea about Alan Bennet so if you could enlighten me as to to what it is about him i remind you of via youtube link that would be just grand.


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3 minutes ago, Mon Dieu said:

As a full-fledged member of the #flamegang (and Messiah of the m9s)...

I would like to offer @throbber a place in the m9s. Throbber can have the place that @Pete Rockwell failed to achieve.

Go with Rod, Give Francks & Say Jase before dinner.


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On 30/07/2016 at 19:56, The_Kincardine said:

A sane one.  Ketchup is reserved for bacon pieces/rolls, fish suppers or a roll 'on' fish fingers.  HP sauce is for rolls 'on' sausage and any form of tastybake/Cornish pasty.  That's how the world keeps spinning.

Placing a roll on top of a sausage? No wonder its unpopular. 

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18 minutes ago, pittsburgh phil said:

I believe Poet Of The Macabre banged Hayden Panettiere just like he says

He admitted that it may not have been entirely true a while back; the dreams of a generation ruined.

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I don't think anybody but plukey wee VLs believed him to be honest.

#L4L #MarcJWallace

I bought his story wholesale, the bit about being selected in an LA nightclub for sex by a celeb just rings true eh?

PS I have no spots and am a notorious ladies man.
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