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The Falkirk FC Thread

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I think it actually might be a very uninspiring appointment…….but not a bad appointment.

It’s a complete restructuring that needs to take place, not just putting a team together. We have 14 contracted players to deal with, and in most cases, coaxed towards the exit door. I am sure others won’t care if they play or not……they know Holt gave them an end of the rainbow contract, so they will just sit tight, and take the cash, and won’t be open to offers.

Dismantle a squad, build a new squad, assist in creating a pathway from U18 to U20 (or risk losing the good ‘uns).

Then there’s integration with the scouting guy, and settle on how that will work.

With the manager having to be involved in so many things, it’s going to need a seriously smart individual (or duo) to get things right this time around. There is likely to be much dullness before things even begin to come together

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Guest Ecosse83

Got to admit I quite enjoyed listening to Miller after the game today, you can tell he will give them a wee kick up the backside if they need it. 

Rennie just sounded too nice 

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9 minutes ago, JulioBairn said:

Love how you are back to pretending you know nothing and are just guessing.  Subtle as a brick 😂

I've really no idea what his contract situation is. I can't see us paying compensation in our current climate but you never know I suppose. I certainly don't know who the next manager is going to be either.

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I too liked both Hetherington & Miller's interviews which obviously makes a change from listening to Rennie trying to out a positive spin on a shite result. Wouldn't mind Murray given it would stop Airdrie having our number for yet another season but I can't understand why he would want to entertain coming to us when he can still take Airdrie up through the play offs. 

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To be fair, I thought Hetherington did speak pretty well in that interview.

As much as Miller's Rangers cheerleading does my tits in, the basis for him not having a sniff at the job should be that he's a total rookie and has no qualifications for what will be required at the club over the summer and going into next season. If ever there was a time for experience, this is it.

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