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The Arbroath Thread

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So has this new signing been sourced through the new Barry Sellars and friends scouting arrangement? 

If so, didn't anyone tell them that we need a striker?

Is Dick cock-a-hoop over another midfielder?

Are we now going to go one better than Craig Levein and play a 3-7 formation?

Can't wait to see the line up tomorrow.

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1 hour ago, lichtie23 said:

We’ve signed Florent Hoti…


nope me either 

I saw him, as a trialist, the last 2 weekends for Peterhead against Edinburgh and Montrose. He looked accomplished (Peterhead MotM) in the first game and ineffective in the second. Playing in a struggling Blue Toon side to be fair.

Nice left foot and has got some creativity but not physical or particularly quick. You would want to partner him alongside a ball winning warrior to get the most from him.

Didn't think he'd end up in the Championship and IMO isn't the same standard of say Nicky Low for instance. 

I would say he's an extra option/body but certainly not the position you are crying out for.

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20 minutes ago, Lichtie78 said:

Not physical or particularly quick 😂😂 superb

It's only 2 games I'm judging him on so I could be off my analysis but he's the kind of player who if you have loads of the ball he could be effective with picking nice passes but conversely he didn't seem strong in the challenge or strong aerially if you are on the back foot. If you bypass the midfield or go long often, which Peterhead did at times against Montrose he was basically a passenger.

You have Goldie, Scott Allan and Jacobs and Bitsindou who could all play centre midfield, probably others so I struggle to see why he's needed. 

Short term deal so its low risk. Hard to operate in the free agent market at this time of the year. 

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