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The joke thread: a thread for camaraderie and hilarity

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I chatted up a blind bird last night - no surprise in the fact that she'd have to be blind for me to pull her, but anyhoo - I took her upstairs to bed and she said I had the biggest cock she'd ever got her hands on. 

I said 'you're pulling my leg!'

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A young lady is walking through a supermarket when she spots the lad who had given her a good seeing to the night before.


"Here, you!" she shouts. "You told me last night that you were a test pilot! So just what are you doing stacking soap powder on the shelves here, you low-life liar?!"


"You got it wrong" he replies. "I only told you I was a member of an Ariel display team..."



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Guy is up in court for murdering his wife and daughter with a hammer. The judge is reading out the charges, "you are charged with murdering your wife with a hammer"  "ya lousy b*****d!!" Shouts a voice from the gallery. "You are also charged with murdering your daughter with a hammer" "ya lousy b*****d" shouts the voice again. The judge Says "look, I know this is a very sensitive case, but please refrain from shouting from the gallery" the Man Says "ok sorry, but I've lived next door to the b*****d for 20 years, and everytime I've asked for a loan of a hammer he's told me he's  no got one!!"

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A polar bear walks into a bar.

Barman: What can I get you?

Polar bear: Two pints of Tennents and a packet of....




B: if you don't mind me asking, why the long pause?

PB: They help me walk in the snow.

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