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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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20 minutes ago, OnlyAyrfaninTarbolton said:

Think this season will be tough and know people might be struggling financially with cost of living but if we can think we should all support the club as much as we can.. 

I have signed up for ayr united lottery for a year and they are currently offering free weeks entries until start of July if anyone is interested... 


Here is a working link.. 


Yes.....also joined lottery this morning 

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2 hours ago, honestly united said:

I much prefer white top / black shorts to the full white - anyone dressed in all white are for the watching - cricketers, tennis players etc

Edit to add - is it right that there have only been 23 signings so far in the Championship and Cove, Dundee and Hamilton havent made any yet?

Likewise...would prefer black shorts and socks with both kits

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29 minutes ago, southsiderayr said:

Broadfoot away to Glenafton Athletic

That's a relief and at least closes off one avenue of "outrage" 🤣

Just the potential signing of Robbie now to bring out the wrath of some of our diehards 🙂

As said before, I'd be 100% for him if it was to happen, that's for sure.

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I'm sure I've just seen a Twitter notification from the club on my phone saying something along the lines of "glad to have him on board" and the name Craig mentioned in it. When I clicked on it the tweet is no longer there. Wonder if this relates to Sibbald and he has signed and the tweet was a bit premature?!?

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53 minutes ago, UpInTheAyr said:
1 hour ago, Trogdor said:

Inappropriate use of specific gif imo.

You can rest assured I hadn't seen the news from across the pond when I posted it. I am not a rabid anti abortionist. That's also too political for me.

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