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Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!


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Is Sir Steven of Gerrard going to apologise for decisions going his way tonight ????


Hope they get pumped over there with some very very dubious decisions.

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5 minutes ago, hellbhoy said:

Decent result for the ****, world beaters again until the next banana skin.

Can't see Sevco losing the away leg from any of the game I seen. c***s. :angry:

We can but hope. Maybe a dodgy penalty will go against them for once without a bottle merchant scottish ref. That goes for celtic too obviously.

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3 hours ago, kingjoey said:

Come on Maribor. Get these cheating, moaning children punted.

What did you say Joey? How'd that work out for you?


I'm flying out to Maribor on Wednesday to see my team take a two goal lead away.

Remind me who you are playing on Thursday?

naecunt  :angel

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Good result but the job is far from done. 2nd half performance was very good. The last goal was massive as 2-1 would have been precarious. They are good technically and have great movement so will create chances out in Slovenia.

Definitely worse defensively than Osijek though.

Wee Morelos was frigging class tonight. Had pace, power, skill, the lot. 

His head bobbing as we sang his song when he came off too :lol:

Coulibaly looks hard as nails. Thought he'd done a Salah and bust his shoulder but kept piling into the tackles - even scored!

Next 3 days of work will go very slowly...

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52 minutes ago, thruthenight said:

Yeah, Rangers were totally dominant. If Morelos knew how to stay onside that ends 4-0. Should go through from here.

Only dominant in the 2nd half. They kept the ball well in the first half and created some decent chances. We looked shaky after they scored.

I'd have to see that incident to know whether to blame Morelos or Candieas more. My instinct is that Candieas deserves the blame as the more experienced player.

52 minutes ago, thruthenight said:

Coulibaly looks like a great signing. Same with Goldson.

Early days but this is true. Coulibaly only on loan though.

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