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What is the point of Labour ?


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6 minutes ago, Brother Blades said:

Yeah, some NHS chiefs (not SG) have discussed it, I also found a fluff piece in the Daily Record from Jackie Baillie asserting the SNP are discussing it, of course all statements from the SNP deny it & there is absolutely no evidence to suggest otherwise. Whereas Sir Keith has discussed it publicly. Another red herring from @Jedi

I was trying not to jump straight to the conclusion that's Jedi was referring to the NHS Chief Exec discussions, as I'm sure he's well aware of the difference between that discussion and SNP policy.

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52 minutes ago, Guest Jedi said:

So, the SNP considering private investment/intervention in the NHS...... even that is Westminster's fault.. (rather than a political choice by a party which is naturally right if centre)..help ma boab 

The SNP are not "considering it". It will however ultimately be forced to occur if Scottish NHS funding remains directly linked to English NHS funding and the privatisation agenda of the English NHS (committed to by the tories and Keir Starmer) continues to go ahead. Leaving Scotland with only one other option. Can you figure out what that option is?

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29 minutes ago, Dink said:

I'm maybe missing something but what private investment are the SNP considering for the NHS? 

Given the usual lack of a link to anything to support his far-fetched claims, I suspect that @Jedi is referring to this non-story


The minutes of a meeting in September betwee Scottish Health Board Chief Executives disclose that they had some discussion about making the wealthy pay for treatment, thus setting up a "two-tier" service.

As always, Jedi seems happy to confuse "Health Board Chief Executives" with "The Scottish Government" or "the snp"

He has form for similar "mistakes", having previously suggested that a poll by a reputable polling firm had polled "snp members", when he should have said "snp voters"

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7 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

Has Jedi been punted?

That's a shame

More likely closed his own account in another fit of pique at the "echo chamber" that won't allow him to post whatever he fancies unquestioned.

Can't say I'm convinced that Oaksoft was punted either.

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Just now, KirkieRR said:

Unfair for him to be punted, though.

He was a delusional arsehole - but still not as bad as some.

Kincy has probably done worse and got away with it - and i won't even start with the various sock puppet accounts of DAF.

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He's probably just asked for his account to be binned. I don't think it would show Guest Jedi on his posts if he was banned. 

Anyway, absolutely no loss to the forum whatsoever. I'm sure someone else can cut and paste a load of pointless Labour wishlists and pretend they're actual policy. 

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3 minutes ago, White Thunder said:

You are racist using the word gammon. And to think you are a teacher. I wouldn't let you teach my kids. 

It's always a good idea to post somewhere else before heading to the politics section. Less obvious, White Thunder.



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